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Sms and Mokut Udofia’s outpour

 By Ebere Nwokoro

Mokut Udofia’s base article in the papers,  exposed her stack ignorance of the methods by which the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA,  campaigns had been ran in the past years.  Not surprising she is not  yet in the Nigerian Law School, “Law School Bound”, as she was described in the ludicrous publication. 

 Mr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Foundation President, Civil Liberties Organisation, Mrs Funke Adekoya SAN, Chief Chris Uche SAN, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu SAN, now President of the NBA, Mr Ibrahim Mark,  the NBA General Secretary, Nurudeen Ogbara, Tony Oka, all known members of the NBA and of course Dame Carol Ajie,  Fellow of the Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa, Georgetown University Law Center and author of over 35 published law articles, to mention but a few candidates in the past had used text messages without molestation to reach out when lawyers were even less technologically aware. 

NBA candidates resort to texts as a means of communication because it is relatively cheap compare to travelling round the nooks and crannies of 88 Branches of NBA spread across 36 states and Abuja, considering that campaigns are national.  It is decent when the senders are not anonymous and takes responsibility for their messages and coming from some prominent lawyers,  it dissuades the use of crude methods of campaigning e.g. maiming.

When a text message gets to the recipient’s phone, it is opened and read at the person’s convenience. Text messages could be written in Hausa, Yoruba, Latin, Igbo etc providing it is communicative and the targeted reader understands its objective. No Nigerian has the capacity to compel another Nigerian to open and read their text messages. Or in what mode to turn their phones (silent, active, switch off/on) and when.  If  Udofia has a known mobile phone, she should disclose it reason being that she is not and was never the intended recipient of any NBA campaign texts, not being a member of NBA, so none of these text messages were directed to this lady, totally unknown to the legal profession.
She is certainly acting somebody’s script and writing for a lawyer, who has not the courage to append their names to a worthless article,  in doing,  so she has unwittingly interfered with the rights of citizens to receive and or impact information, views, opinion as guaranteed by section 39 of the 1999 constitution. If she is at home with issues of fundamental rights and personal liberty, or if she was not taught that in school, it is not too late to learn the constitution.

Most unfortunate is that this meddlesome interloper, Udofia responded to a text message when she was not the intended recipient and that is pedestrian and unprofessional.

* Ebere Nwokoro,  was writes from Apapa, Lagos.


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