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In search of last South African Virgin

By Tony Ubani

I know that only this headline would stoke the feelings of men. I also know that this headline would bring condemnation unto me for veering off the World Cup to write on mundane andl things. Don’t blame me. Blame your Super Chickens (Eagles), who have gone home to roost, leaving me wandering up and down the streets of Soweto.

With no team to call my own, I need to comb all the places, to explore, like famous Mongo Park, who was guided by the people of the place and yet he was credited to have discovered new places. I have read blood-chilling stories about rape in South Africa and decided to penetrate deeper in my investigation on why men would rape a six year old baby or why young men would rape an 80-year-old grand mother. As usual, I had to dare the cold and move to places where ordinarily we were warned not to go alone.

Gorgeous South African fans

As an African, there is no difference between me and the people except for their language. But if it comes to the way they speak English, I have learnt fast that I can pass for one of them.
South African girls are so attractive, to the extent that it is difficult for you to ignore. They have very outstanding features, especially, their hips. Even very tiny girls have explosive hips,  making men to always twist and turn to have a better view from the rear. They explained that is the gift of nature acquired from drinking pap, fresh milk and too much consumption of potato. That is left for nutritionists to prove.  Could it be their beauty and these loads from behind that make guys run riot on the women?

“There is a silly belief here that once a HIV positive sleeps with a virgin, he is automatically cured. That explains the increase in rape on innocent babies, whose lives are shattered and their future thwarted”, explained Virginia, herself, a victim of rape. Her name evokes laughter. I asked her why she is still bearing that name since she is not a virgin. “It is my name given by my parents”. It recalled an Igbo proverb which says that a prostitute does not answer Virginia. “Some men are mad here. In my case, I was raped when I was 12 and luckily I was not positive”. Some of these heinous rapes are committed by family members and relatives. “There are cases of fathers who sleep with their daughters. Uncles use their positions to reign terror on unsuspecting young girls. Incest is the order of the day. “Does it mean that I cannot find a matured girl who is a virgin?” I asked Virginia. Her bright face dimmed.

“You will have a long walk”, she answered offhandedly. I have also noticed that many South African girls boast of having early babies. I have seen 16-year-olds who proudly confess that their babies are at home. Virginia explained that except a girl lied to me, that it was difficult for a girl to be 20 years without having a baby. She added, though, that some opt for abortions and cannot claim  not to have had babies. The strange thing, too, is that they hardly marry or stay with their husbands.

“Some of the men are animals. They put you in the family way and they go drinking or doing despicable things. It is better to train your kid and be free”.

No matter what, the women are proud of their status. Whether positive or their single parent status. I love their honesty. I love their openness and I love their natural beauty without make-ups. Don’t misunderstand me. Remember that I am in  a country where one in five adults, is reported to be HIV positive.


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