By Ebele Orakpo

Wonder of wonders! We claim to have all these powers in Africa and yet we are so poor and backward,” said Steve. Didn’t you hear about what happened last Wednesday at Ijaiye where a woman called two children to come help her read a text message on her cell phone.

The innocent children, having been taught to respect and help their elders, and the usual African hospitality, without hesitation, went to help the lady. And then the unthinkable happened! According to eyewitnesses, as soon as they laid hands on the handset, they disappeared into thin air.”

There were anxious glances at the speaker and Tony asked: “And what happened next?”

“Trust Lagosians, there were a whole lot of people – mixed multitude – at the bus-stop, some waiting to board buses to their destinations, some waiting to snatch people’s bags and cell phones and some, like this lady, waiting to carry out their diabolical activities. So before one could say Jack Robinson, the crowd apprehended her and handed her over to the police,” said Steve.

“I’m sure she would have been mobbed if not that they needed her alive to produce those children,” noted Nkem.

“Hmm,” muttered Mike. “And you all believe this balderdash? We are so gullible. That was how some time ago, some newspapers carried the story of two armed robbers being pursued by the police and one escaped while the other turned to a goat. The goat was arrested and taken to the police station and the last we heard, the goat was sold or something like that.” 

“Forget that matter. You and I know what happened to the goat. Of course it ended up in some people’s cooking pot. If it were indeed a human being, why didn’t it change back to a human being before it was slaughtered? queried Lawal.   

“You know what irks me in all of this? If indeed people claim such power really exists, why haven’t they put it to good use for our collective good?” asked Ugo.

Added Lanre: “Yes, like using it to cause all our bad leaders to disappear, those who have laid waste the giant of Africa; those who have looted our treasury, all the evil-minded people who don’t wish us well, thieves, kidnappers etc.?”

“You are absolutely right. If such powers exist, Nigeria won’t be in this mess,” concurred Nkem.

“Well, everyone is entitled to his opinion. But I know that evil powers exist and agents of the devil use it for evil purposes as the name implies,” stated Tunde.

“Back to what we were saying, I hope to God the police get to the bottom of this. Those children must be recovered,” said Lawal. “The woman should be made to produce them and explain how she performed such a feat.”

Said Tola: “The average Nigerian is very intelligent but I don’t know why he would not put it to good use. Reminds me of the story of a Nigerian guy in the US who was able to beat all the security in the bank to steal money from people’s accounts. It took the bankers and security agents a very long time to decipher how the money was being stolen but they could not understand how he did it.

“When he was arrested, they gave him the option of revealing to them how he did it and going free or keep the methodology to himself and go to jail. He preferred to go to jail.”

“Sure, that is his trade secret,” stated Eze.

“I don’t blame him. If it were Nigerian prison, he would know the difference between khaki and leather. He will not think twice before spilling the beans,” noted Iyke.

“This is why wickedness will continue to thrive. You try to help somebody and you get into trouble yourself. In Lagos, when you ask someone for direction, they shrug their shoulders, indicating they don’t know the place or they simply point you in any direction that suits them which in most cases, is wrong. They feel if they talk to a stranger, they might disappear!” stated Lanre.

“Well, do you blame them? If those children had behaved that way, they would not have disappeared,” concluded Steve.


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