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Women urged to show interest in ICT

By Nnamdi Ojiego
Nigerian women have been challenged to take up career in Information and Communications Technology, ICT, and benefit from its numerous opportunities.

This peace of advice was given by an IT lecturer at the Olabisi Onabanjo University (Surulere Centre), Lagos, Ms Ruth Anok in Lagos recently. She said so many women bowed to the stereotypes in society which made them to feel that ICT sector was too technical, and anything that has to do with Engineering and technical issues was only meant for the men.

She however, disagreed with the notion saying that there was nothing a woman can not do. “so why can’t Nigerian and African women venture into technical and engineering areas? What is stopping women is stinking status quo thinking. Girls and women should develop the interest and focus on their growth and career desires. They should not allow anybody to make them inferior. There is nothing men are doing that they can’t do.”

The Computer Science Engineering graduate said she became interested in computer the first day she realised that Computers could be used by anyone for long distance communication. “I always wondered about what made this possible. In fact I can say I was fascinated by the power of the Internet and not just from a user’s perspective. My interest was spurred by the café situated right in front of my house at that time (1996).

“It always kept me thinking. I decided that I must know how communication through cable takes place. How is this possible? I wanted to know how to develop and configure networks. This led to my interest in taking the course in the University. And I’m still aspiring to develop further in the areas of Network Security administration,” she revealed.


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