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What will you do if you discover your lover who impregnated you is married?

By Bridget Amaraegbu

Ngozi was alarmed knowing that Benson her heartthrob is married and had five children. Benson and Ngozi had  dated for about six years and she never suspected that he was married. Both love birds had met way back in school and were the toast on campus. Benson, who graduated some years before Ngozi,  had left her in search of a white collar job with a promise to marry her. But unknown to her, Ben did not just leave to look for money to cater for himself but also for his wife and children. While Ngozi,  who had just finished her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is now pregnant for him owing to his last visit to her place of primary assignment.

Ben was cool when she broke the news of her pregnancy but  would not  want to discuss it each time she raised the issue. This silence continued and she began to wonder. Upon until now, she didn’t bother to know his family, but a little research into his world has made her realise she’s been dating a complete stranger in the last six years.

How could she not have bothered to know the family of the man who  stole her heart all these years? Could it be that Ben had never loved her? If he did, why did he hide the fact that he was married to her?  Will she be willing to accept being his second wife for the sake of love? How would his first wife receive her being part of the family? Better still, should she abort the pregnancy or remain a single parent? Can someone please talk to Ngozi who has been consumed by several  thoughts…?

Face my baby — Onos, Musician

This story is very alarming. Right now,  Ngozi should stop putting this guy into any form of consideration. All she should think about from now is herself.

If I were in her shoes, I’ll just think of how to cater for myself and the baby which is the most important thing. My health and that of the baby is paramount at this point. Ben is a man with plenty of responsibilities. With a wife and five kids to cater for, what else can he offer any woman? Even if he’s contemplating marrying her, I don’t advise her to give in to that. The story would have been different if he had no children but five children is just alarming. How on earth would any woman be comfortable trying to discomfort another?

Onos, Musician

It’s high time we all began to consider our health in the real sense of it. Any woman in this situation will be going through some serious trauma no doubt but it’s also wise to come out of this shelf to face the reality. And reality here is  to consider myself and the baby. Ben never liked her . I can assure you that because if he did, he would have told her the whole truth and she would be in a better position today.

Have my baby and believe God for miracles— Benita Nzeribe, Actress

Eee——h! Listen my sister, if you ask me whether that guy was in love with Ngozi, I’ll say no, I mean a capital NO. Because love entails sincerity, honesty, confidence, faithfulness and loyalty.  In fact, it’s possible that he does not love her nor does he love his wife. This man was just a liar and was merely lusting for her all these years and taking advantage of her precious body.

If a man is in love with me, he should be able to disclose his identity,  whether as an armed robber or a killer. I should know him in totality and then decide whether to stay with him or not.
I”ll simply keep my baby,  no matter how rough the road may be because no one can tell tomorrow. The innocent child should be allowed to come into the world and exist with

us. Sometimes , we don’t understand how God works but believe me , he’s surely a miracle worker and the Bible made it clear that all the years eaten by cankerworms will surely be replenished.
God can send a man who will love her dearly, a man who will eventually get attracted to her through this child. Most children who came into this world like this always remain a blessing wherever they’re received .  Embrace that child today.

Men are wired for polygamy — Mosun Filani, Actress

I don’t believe that this man never loved Ngozi…no. It’s possible for a man to love more than one woman but very rare for a woman to love more than one man Men are simply  polygamous  in nature.

loved Ngozi…no. It’s possible for a man to love more than one woman but very rare for a woman to love more than one man Men are simply  polygamous  in nature.
As for the pregnancy, I’ll keep my baby because child bearing is the biggest pride of a woman anywhere in the world. It’s another story if the man decides to take me for a second wife because I might marry him based on the kind of relationship we’ve shared all these years.
Mosun Filani, Actress

Only God’s wisdom can save the situation — Ebeye Amanda, Actress

I can’t advise this girl because she’s not a baby. How could she not have monitored a guy she’s dated for six years? The worst that can happen is if she tries to abort the pregnancy which our society seriously frowns at. She should just pray and ask God for wisdom but surely not abortion.
Again, it brings us to the point of awareness. We must care about the whereabouts of the people we move around with.

Keep the pregnancy and move on — Opeoluwa Johnson

How can a man who claims to love me be so secretive? At this point,  it is very clear that I’ve been used because he’s a cheat. Since he has refused to discuss the pregnancy, I’ll keep my baby and send him or her to him when the time comes because I’ll definitely have to move on and get married someday. If we can reach an agreement on the welfare of the baby,  fine and good but if not, I’ll surely find a way to move on. Life comes with plenty of challenges and this is one of them , so face it.


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