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We were not bribed to defect to AC – Obahiagbon

BENIN CITY — THE member representing Oredo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Patrick Obahiagbon, described as “balderdash”, insinuations that they were bribed to defect to the AC from the PDP in the state.

He said that with the vigorous campaign against electoral fraud embarked upon by the Governor, “it will be crazy for people to insinuate that we were given automatic tickets before we defected to the AC.So all those talks are being sponsored by people who are just being mischievous and trying to ruin the efforts of the Governor in sanitizing the electoral system”.

It would recalled that Obahiagbon and his colleague who are representing Orhiomnwon and Uhumwonde Federal Constituences, Mr Samso Osagie, recently dumped the PDP for the AC. Since they defected, there have been rumors that they were offered automatic tickets by the Governor before they took that decision.

However, Obahiagbon who reacted in an interview with Vanguard, asserted that “ People are bound to speculate. As I speak to you I am yet to take a decision whether I want to come back to the House of Representatives in 2011.

Consultations are still on going, I am a robot in the hands of God. After such consultations I should be able to know what should be the next direction.

“So all the question about people throwing tirades at the hierarchy of the Action Congress that they did a deal by giving us automatic ticket is all balderdash and bunkum. The Comrade Governor is a philosopher of one man one vote. The Comrade Governor with what he is doing to strengthen the electoral system will not promise any body automatic ticket at the expense and peril of the democratic structure. If I do take the decision to come back to the House of

Representative, I will be prepared to make my self available to the democratic process of the Action Congress. But that decision I am still yet to take and it is still in the hands of God” he stated.

Obahaigbon added further that “ I have said it the umpteenth time now, I cannot be on a different political wave length of the people. I am the representative of the people and the people at all time are the philosopher king. It is not the people that will meet me half way I am the one that will meet my people half way. And the preponderance number of my constituents has already adjusted to that mass movement in the Edo state called the Action Congress.

“And as a conscious and sensitive representative of my people, I needed to be on the same place with my people. It is the desire to synchronize with the emotional, psychological, cultural, political and spiritual yearnings and aspirations of my people that led to my political adjustment from the PDP to the Action Congress.

I am grateful to the PDP for offering me their platform in the evolution of my political potentialities. But it was a decision one has to take and it is a decision I do not regret taking because it has brought me in tandem with the yearnings and aspiration of my people” he stated.


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