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President Jonathan should block this NFA’s channel of waste

By Patrick Omorodion
The Nigeria Football Association, NFA has been carrying on as if it is above the law, each time flaunting the ‘FIFA will ban us’ attitude implanted in Nigeria by no less a person than Dr. Amos Adamu, WAFU president CAF and FIFA Executive Committee member.


With this fear in mind, the NFA, especially since Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi has been embroiled in one controversy or another, believing nothing will ever come out of it.

First it started with a whopping $236,000 dollars missing from the coffers of the association without breakage, signifying that it was an inside job. Up till now, no trace of the money nor the thief or thieves. The prosecuting police, it was gathered, was transferred and the case handed to a new officer.
When it was almost bungling Super Eagles World Cup qualification, the Federal Government in its wisdom set up a Task Force which helped in a great way to re-direct the course.

After qualification, the NFA couldn’t organise friendly matches until late and even an ordinary issue of securing quality accommodation for the was bungled with members interested in what will come to them instead.

Again it took another presidential fiat for the embarrassment to be averted. It came with a cost as the country was made to cough out $125,000 fine to the South African hotel. Just as that one was being resolved, the NFA came out again with a bizarre flight arrangement for the team, hiring an aircraft that could have sent the country’s players to their early graves if the technical fault was not discovered.

As if that was not enough embarrassment for the country and her people, the NFA set up 14 sub-committees outside what FIFA, owners of the game and South Africa, the host country would be using to organise the World Cup.
Strikingly, this is the first time the country will be witnessing this arrangement since the Eagles first World Cup debut in 1994 in the USA. Looking beneath this, one could see that Alhaji Lulu and his cohorts are doing all this to ease their return to office in August.

Take a look at this and judge whether Nigeria deserves this fraudulent action of a greedy lot whose actions have caused football more pains than development. Because the NFA has more money than it needs, it has decided that it must go on a jamboree to spend all, not minding that the game needs to be developed for its future to be guaranteed.

First, FIFA has its own Organising Committee while South Africa has a Local Organising Committee, so what will Lulu, Bolaji Ojo-Oba and others be organising in South Africa?

Accommodation has already been secured for the Eagles, therefore, what will this one by the NFA be doing?
The team needs a media committee. Already the Eagles have a media officer in Idah Peterside while and the NFA has one in Ademola Olajire. What will Olu Amadasun and the rest do in South Africa that Peterside and Olajire cannot do? With Olajire, the Media Officer posted to the Medical Sub Committee shows the whole thing is just ‘food’ for the boys.
Even if you pardon the technical committee, what about consultative with Chief Alex Akinyele on board? What will the Ondo Chief be telling Lagerback on technic or tactics? Laughable, isn’t it? Chief Onigbinde’s inclusion is surprising because here is a man the NFA loves to hate and have never consulted him for anything even when it knows he is a member of both CAF and FIFA technical study group.

For security, the South African government is responsible for general security while venue security is the responsibility of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee, so what will Taiwo Odebunmi, Teddy Isiadinso and others be doing? .

What about the catering committee with Princess Bola Jegede? Is she going to lead the chefs that will cook for the Eagles? Are members of the NFA going to cook for themselves? If not, why this committee?

Look at the characters who will be in the Observation/Study group. Chief Jonathan Ogufere, Chief Onigbinde and Austin Akosa who should be there if need be are put in other committees. The State FA chairmen in that committee are ones who collude with referees to ensure their teams win with scandalous margins to ensure they escape relegation. What will such chairmen observe/study and advise the NFA on.

President Jonathan should save Nigeria this fraud and embarrassment in South Africa by dissolving the committees forthwith. There presence in South Africa will not only be a jamboree but will distract the Eagles from reaching their potentials at such a time Nigerians are sceptical they could perform


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