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Nigeria should go back to development plans rather than vision 2020, NIM President

By Dotun Ibiwoye
An advocate of  development plan and ardent critic of modalities towards achieving Vision 20:2020, Dr. (Mrs.) Sally Adukwu-Bolujoko is the President and Chairman of Council, Nigerian Institute of Management(NIM).

•Sally Adukwu-Bolujoko

She stressed the need for a segmented short-term plan where every state knows the level of their plan and what next to do. Being  a member of the Presidential Advisory Council, she says members of NIM are no longer shying away from politics because they still adhere to their professional ethics. Bolujoko also calls for a rejuvenation of the students loan scheme and extensive agriculture for Nigeria’s total development.

As industries are folding up due to the credit crunch and low energy production by the government, how do professionals in your field make their imputes to assist government in its policies?

Industries are dying and we are folding our hands and doing politics. But you know politics is an enterprise. States and governments are supposed to be run like an enterprise and the politicians are the salesmen and the  marketers of this nation. They should build a good brand of the nation but you know, politicians are not even looking at the profitability of the nation. So NIM has done so much and we keep saying it and every year we conduct annual conference and we talk about the key problems of this nation.

Last year we talked about post oil Nigeria. We have already told the nation what to begin to do now because oil will finish in the next sixty something years. If you needed cocoa you won’t be planting it by that time. We should begin now by planting it.  We have said many things. Even this Niger Delta issue, three years ago we gave the government a blueprint .  If they followed the blue print that we gave them, they won’t be where they are today and the past president was the chairman of that committee_Chief Adenubi.

This year we are going to be talking about leadership, re_inventing  leadership. We’ve had good leaders before, what’s happening to us now. We are not getting the best of them now we will re_invent  by  ourself and by the time we ride in September, everybody will know how we can begin to go back. Retrace our steps to grooming good leaders.

Coming to the Niger Delta issue,  you said that you had a blue print for the federal government, what are the other ways that you can use to enable them refer to it  to improve the economic situation ?

Yes, we are still talking to the nation about it. For instance, I am a member of the presidential advisory council, and in that council I have the opportunity to keep bringing the ideas that NIM has been selling to the nation. We have our fellows of the institute, who are working very closely with the government. A fellow of the institute is the chief of staff of the present president.

Three fellows of the institute are ministers in the present administration. So we have a feeling that we are getting very close. Before, we shy away from politics thinking that we will give up our professional ethics, but we now know that we have to be in it so that we will be able to make impact and we are encouraging our members and fellows to get on board governance so that we can bring about effective corporate governance in Nigeria.

We should begin to make sure that we build a nation that will come out as a good brand. How do we build a nation that will come out as a good brand? We want to go ahead and make Nigerians feel Nigeria. Let a child born in Nigeria know that at least he has a government, a relationship that cares for him. How do you do it? Provide good school, a decent school. He shouldn’t go there and be looking for the necessary amenities in a school. then Nigeria should give scholarship because poverty is here. When I was growing up, scholarship was rampant. Every state gives scholarship.

Indigent students got scholarships. There was a loan scheme. If you were indigent , you will receive the loan of the federal government and when you come out and you are working, you will pay. The loan scheme should come back. Scholarships should come back so that the Nigerian child can go to school. When the child graduates let there be provisions. lets begin to expand our agriculture and be able to have raw materials for the industries so that the child who is graduating will have a place to go and work. We cannot develop schools, have more children every year with no pln for them.

Nigeria should go back to having development plan rather than agenda and vision 1010, 2020, 3030 and they are all cliche. We should have plans for 5 years, and another 5 years and as we plan, we segment them through the state.

Every state knows the level of plan that they have gotten to. In education, in social sector, infrastructure in every state, in health ,  the goals are there- for the first year, second year, third year and so on as we are planing another development. We should go back to what our founding fathers were doing.

In what way do you feel that NIM has impacted in the lives of Nigerians?
For fifty years, we have engaged in capacity building, expanding management knowledge. We have a charter of the national assembly to regulate management practice in this country.  We train in almost all the state capitals in this country. We have training centres scattered all over the country. As I am talking to you, we are training in not less than 20 venues and we have done that for fifty years. We have a membership of about 100,000 managers and we are impacting in all areas of human exhibitions, especially the private sector. I would like to say that the past presidents of NIM have been people who have built this nation with all their heart  and with all their mind.

They have never gone to any panel for investigation and they are people who headed private sectors and public sectors.  Quick names like Christopher  Kolade, Cornelius Olonosade, Dr. Omolayole, Mrs. Adeleke, who headed Nestle Foods come to mind.
The first president of NIM Dr. Abebe,  was the Managing Director of UAC . When they were working, Nigeria felt their impact. Government use to give them the national budget to look through and those were the times that government was sensitive to bringing about the welfare of the people and at that time, they didn’t allow anybody to misuse public money haphazardly.

So NIM has done so much in building this nation. People who bore the nation at their back and industrialised this nation. For all we are doing, our people are doing their best to industrialize this nation.

What are the salient attributes that  makes your leaders credible?
The NIM has a vision code of conduct that binds us. Our vision is to be the first and symbol of management. Our code of conduct talks about integrity, transparency, professionalism and competence.  We not only preach, we educate our members to be competent.

We train, we retrain very regularly. A member of NIM you will be subjected to training in the  management continuous education and we give you score every year. So if you are going to remain a member of NIM, you have to be professionally competent. We give you  journals five times in a year, which is management in Nigeria  and we give you  the professional manager.  Taking you through core competency of a manger and giving you current information about management in the world. So we think that professionalism and integrity that is sure and safest sets us apart from the other managers or administrators in Nigeria.


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