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Ndume threatens anti-Bankole Reps

By Luka Binniyat
ABUJA—The Minority Leader of the House of Represtantives, Alhaji  Ali Ndume (ANPP/Borno), yesterday, lampooned the anti-Speaker Dimeji Bankole representatives for asking the speaker  to resign within seven days or be disgraced out of office. He said they have a chance to “repent” or  face the wrath of the House.

Ndume, who spoke to National Assembly reporters in Abuja, added that “the House is not in the mood to  entertain a crack in either its fold or among members. Enough is Enough.”

“The leadership has long restrained itself from applying the rod against members whose activities  have been inimical to the stability of the House,” he added.

“The  leadership believe in the spirit of camaraderie among its fold and that is the reason why we have  overlooked security reports against these erring members.

“We should be more in the mood to celebrate the rare feat the National Assembly had performed in amending the 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act 2006, than giving time for plots to set  us  backwards based on principle of sheer vendetta as pursued by some elements,” he added.

According to the Minority Leader, there would be more pressing issues like the receipt of the Amended Constitution from State Houses of Assembly among others when the  Reps resumed in two weeks’ time.

“Those listed in the media as aggrieved members who issued ultimatum of resignation to the Speaker still have a good chance to make peace with the leadership between now and resumption of the House”, he advised.

“Failure to so would eventually wield the big stick against any member whose activities are considered divisive, inimical and dangerous for the survival of democracy”, he said.

According to the Minority Leader, all the members of the gruop  had had very seriuos issues pending before the House leadership, which he said warranted some measure of penalty, whereas the House had a change of heart in applying penalties owing to pleas from peace loving colleagues.

“What we had expected is that any member who had issues against the leadership would come forward and table such issue before the gathering of members most especially during the plenary, if only for the House to take common decision on such.

“We had done that before and several times too. That is why we hold executive sessions to resolve key issues common to the interest of every member. The law has never allowed any member to vent his or her anger on the pages of newspaper, while ignoring the proper channels for doing so”, he said.

“I look at the set of people who issued that ultimatum to the Honourable Speaker and discovered that they are the same set of member raising the same issue at different times”, he said.

“ They are colleagues to whom we ascribed much of integrity and high sense of acumen, law and order. We are not to join issues with them on the pages of newspaper and so we are seizing this opportunity to call them to order because enough is enough”, he warned.


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