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Food union honours employers, others

NATIONAL Union of Food, Beverage, Tobacco and Employees, NUFBTE has given award to six employers in the food and beverage sector, five of its state councils, three branches and three secretariat staff of the union for it calls “excellent performance”.

The employers are Nigerian Breweries, NB Plc, Nigerian Bottling Company, NBC Plc, Nestle Foods Plc, 7UP Bottling Company Plc, Nigerian Flour Mills Plc, Friesland (WAMCO) and Grand cereal.

The state councils so honoured include Lagos council 1 and 11, Plateau state council, Enugu and Abia state councils.
Branches that received award are NBC Plc, NB Plc, and Nestle Foods Plc, while the three secretariat staff that got award are Mr. Akintunde Odeyemi, Mrs. Juliana Olufunso and Mrs. Margaret Aigbefo.

According to the Acting General Secretary of the union, Comrade Bamidele Busari, “NBC is receiving our great union’s award for excellence because it has the highest number of staff in the Food and Beverage sector and its support for labour.  For supporting the union and good industrial relations practice, NUFTBE has adjudged NB worthy of its award. Among others, Nigerian Flour Mill has a policy for given staff 100 percent Christmas bonus, company’s products and extra_gratia.

For these, the company is worthy to receive NUFBTE award. Nestle Food Plc, for the past years has not carried out redundancies and has continued to recruit more workers in spite of difficult operating environment. Our great union therefore considered Nestle Foods worthy of our award. Grand cereal, a subsidiary of UAC groups, has a policy of profit sharing with staff besides payment of Christmas bonus and other things. Our union therefore believes the company is worthy of NUFBTE award.”

For the branches of the union that received the award, Comrade Busari said: “NB Plc branch of the union in less than three years has tremendously increased its check_off dues from N2.4 million to about N5.5 million. Also, it has improved the conditions of service for members.

Because of these among others, NB Plc, has been found worthy to receive NUFBTE’ award for excellence performance. For improving the conditions of service of members, NBC Plc, branch has been adjudged worthy to receive NUFBTE award. For ensuring that the three years increment that was not paid members was paid in less than two years, the 7UP branch has proven to be honoured with NUFBTE award.”

While explaining while the state councils were honoured bey NUFBTE, Comrade Busari, noted that the Lagos state council 1 is being honoured for successfully unionizing three companies and converting contract staff to full staff, thereby increasing our union’s membership.

It has also bought two plots of land to build its secretariat, solidarity venture and has already laid its foundation. For these among others, the council has proven worthy to be honoured by our great union with excellence performance award. Lagos state council 11, like its council 1 counterpart, successfully unionized three companies and converted non_permanent staff to full employees which automatically increased our membership. NUFBTE therefore adjudged the council fit for its award.”

“With its little resources, the Plateau state council, has been able to buy a car for the council and also equipped the council. With this, the council has merited NUFBTE award. With its little resources Abia state council has bought a land and has laid the foundation for its secretariat. The council is therefore worthy to receive NUFBTE award. For being able to acquire a parcel of land toward building a secretariat, the Enugu council is worthy to receive NUFBTE award.”


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