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Between sponsorship, Dangote noodles & Children’s day

Princewill Ekwujuru
In every facet of business, there are always an attempt by companies to draw a line and difference between sponsorship, in the past and present.  Studies have shown that past sponsorships were primarily focused on awareness building and strategies, but had  ignored brand image issues.

As a result, little guidance is available for firms that seek to use sponsorship opportunities as an aid in brand positioning and awareness.

These days, sponsorship, promotions and place branding have become major criteria with which brands target the heart of existing or prospective customers, even in a market monopolised by foreign products.

Today, research firms have advanced reasons companies enter into sponsorship activities, which excuses are invariably  to increase brand awareness, establish presence, change or strengthen brand image or loyalty.

This explains why for many years companies fall over themselves to partake in major events like football fiestas, awards, lectures, musical concerts, cultural festivals and carnivals.

In Nigeria today, top companies see sponsorship as a mechanism to drive their brands. The story of Zain and Coca-cola, GLO taking up sponsorship of different events is a pointer to the under-estimated power of sponsorship.

Beyond sports, brands that have both the global and local appeal have also began to invest in the sponsorship of cultural activities, children events, particularly product skewed to the attention to children.

This may have informed the reason Dangote solely sponsored this year’s children’s day held at the Police training ground in Ikeja. With this, Dangote noodles has joined the tray of brands that queue for sponsorship as a major tool to connect to consumers, especially children.

Just like a Brand Analyst once said, that with sponsorship, sponsoring brands are exposed to many potential consumers and possible trade partners.
Accordingly, some brand watchers had also said, “a brand that key to an activity that involves it’s target audience is likely to leverage on such sponsorship to win consumers loyalty.”

So if the plans currently being put in place by Dangote Plc, makers of Dangote noodles,  is anything to go by, then competition in the noodles market would become stiffer before the year runs out.

Mr.Olasode Gbenga, Brand Manager, Dangote Noodles, during the just ended Children’s day said that the product was at the ground to be  part of the future of the children.

Gbenga who stated that the product has been doing something like this in past, said, “we have been part of children day, Dangote noodle is about children, our product is anchored on children that is why we have Dangote noodle celebrating these kids today.”

Extent of sponsorship: Dangote is involved in the organisation of the event from start to finish, as you can see the all place is actually display Dangote noodles, we are part of the event itself because as I said earlier children are part of our consumers, infact they are our target consumers and it is part of our culture to assist the children in their programmes and future. This  programme is in conjunction with the Lagos state government.
Essential Vitamins:

“It is the only noodles right now that are heavily fortified with vitamins. Vitamins are actually important for growing children, so we come out with well fortified noodles. There are vitamins A, B 1 to 6, D, E and iron as well.”

Children are our core target, what we are doing is to endear the children. who are our target, to let them know that they have a wholesome meal that they could eat, with different variants eg  instant noodle, ready to eat, snack and snacky pop.


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