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ATQ unveils 55 nominees for seven wonders

Judges of NAIJA 7,  the Nigeria seven wonders project, have come up     with its first shortlist of sites that will be a “Must See” for Nigerians and visitors to Nigeria.

The project initiated for the sake of National pride and Tourism is a brainchild of ATQ Magazine the first travel magazine in West Africa in partnership with Remlord Tours as part of the Nigeria’s 50th  independence anniversary.

Mr. Ikechi Uko, CEO ATQ Magazine, in a release made available to Vanguard said “as  Nigeria marks its 50th anniversary there is a need to renew national pride and develop a communal love, hence the need to identify national icons of international repute.

Mr. Uko disclosed that two bridges, four modern buildings, four nature parks, five waterfalls, a cave, two mosques, a church, an oases, a dam, palace, mountains, rocks, rivers, a cemetery among others have been selected by the judges of NAIJA 7 the Nigeria seven wonders project in its first shortlist of sites ending phase one of the project.

It will be the first time a Pan Nigerian effort to unveil the wonders will be done using best practices and transparent all inclusive methods involving all Nigerians.

It started in March when the panel of experts was selected from among the best brains available on the subjects in Nigeria, including Architects, Engineers, Environmentalists, Geographers, Heritage experts and Tour operators.
There is a need to build up a body of locations that are “must see” for every Nigerian and every visitor and images that can be universally recognised and promoted as Nigerian destinations.

This will draw attention to the beauty of Nigeria and its people. The search for these seven wonders will excite the nation as everyone will be interested in the results, and will deliver dividends to the sites.

It will unlock the opportunity for Nigeria, and the sites, to look good, feel good and create good.
The search will act as a unifying force, aligning all of the people of Nigeria behind all that it has to celebrate, and therefore work together to proudly serve in their own way, to be able to confidently, meaningfully and sustainably showcase Nigeria to the world as a ‘must see’ travel destination and traveller experience.

The painstaking manner of using the public and the experts to select will not only produce the best but also the most acceptable images for the Top Seven.


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