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“ I was fooled”

…Laments suspect arrested for sending life threatening message

By Evelyn Usman & Ifeanyi Okolie

Looking unperturbed as he was ushered into the office of Lagos State Police Public Relations officer in Ikeja,  this muscularly- built man even posed for shots to anxious journalists. It was obvious that Chukwudi Eze Rachael, as he was later identified , was oblivious of the consequence of the allegation of threat to life on his victim, as he even smiled at a point without any feeling of remorse.

The 39-year-old Orlu, Imo- state born, was arrested by policemen from Isheri for sending a text message to an apprentice, demanding the payment of  N300,000 to him or the apprentice will have himself to be blamed for the repercussion of his obstinance.

Visibly gripped with trepidation, the apprentice, Christian Bienose, apparently thinking it was a plot to kidnap or murder him, reported to policemen at the Isheri division. The rest is history as under cover, policemen moved swiftly and rendered Chukwudi’s mission unaccomplished.

However in this interview, the suspect kept a straight face as he claimed a child hood friend who apparently played on his gullibility, masterminded the whole deal without his knowledge.

I Was Tricked.

Asked how that was possible considering his muscularly and fierce disposition, he grinned and stated, “ Dayo is a childhood friend. I  knew him  right from primary and secondary school and we also lived in the same vicinity at Oworoshoki.  After secondary school, they moved out of the vicinity because their family house was sold.

We lost contact until recently when we met in Yaba. We got on discussing about life generally . I told him how I was swindled by some men while he too told me all he had gone through in life. Before we parted , I begged him to always contact me should anything good come his way .

And just then, he told me  he had a job for me and when I asked what kind of job it was, he said there was somebody he  worked for that refused to pay him. He then told me to use my phone ro call the person because, according to him, the person had left the former branch of a supermarket for another. He promised to come with full details the next day which he did and gave the person’s name as Christian.

He, thereafter, took my phone and said that I should text Christian telling him to pay N300,000 into an account number he gave to me , failure of which he would tell his boss the shady deal both of them did while at the former branch.    That I did and when I called Christian, he told me he could not afford to pay the amount except N180,000.
Surprise Package

After concluding how, when and where to get the bargained sum, the suspect dressed in a red shirt on a black Chinos pair of trousers, made for an eatery in Isheri area of Lagos , apparently thinking he was going to be a thousand naira richer. But he got the shock of his life , as rather than smiling back home, he got some pills of his own medicine as he was arrested by plain- clothed policemen.

A mild drama reportedly unfolded as he tried to disentangle himself from the grips of about four unknown faces, using his physique as an advantage. But reality dawned on him when the unknown faces identified themselves as policemen, before whisking him away.

Continuing, he stated, “ When I got close to the eatery and saw Christian, our victim, I was shocked to find out that he was after all, a small boy and wondered where he would get the money from.  I had a change of mind immediately.

Even when he invited me inside the eatery, I refused because I felt embarrassed going in there to continue the discussion with him.  Rather, I told him we should just stroll while we talked about the deal. But before I could say Jack Robinson,  some men just came around and held me. It was while I was trying to loosen their grip on me that they said they were policemen.”

I Was Fooled

I never threatened to kill him. It was Dayo my child hood friend that put me into this. Now, he is nowhere to be found. The most painful aspect of it all is that I do not have his phone number because as at that time, he said he misplaced his phone and  collected  my number. I never knew I was being fooled.

He never promised me a dime. I did what I did because he said Christian cheated him in a deal they both did. He never spelt out what his real motive was. Ah, I was fooled.

Christian's life threatened

He has run away today but I know I would get him someday and when I do, I will bring him to the   Police for him to feel the same pain I felt. My regret is that I allowed myself to be fooled.”

I Never Had Any Shady Business With Anyone

Standing and listening with rapt attention and an expression of shock on his face, the victim stated when approached, “ I do not know any Dayo Tosin whom he said sent him. The only Tosin I know was a security man in our Gbagada  branch from where I was transferred  and I never did any business with him.  If I had any shady business with him, I would not have gone to the Police.

But immediately I received the text message which stated that if I did not comply to their terms that I would be nailed, I rushed and showed it to my boss who contacted the police.

Rather than seeing a known face on the purported date of payment , I saw this muscularly built guy.  I was so afraid because I thought he had been sent to kill me”, he stated.

On whether any Dayo Tosin actually  exists in the first instance, remains a nut to be cracked by detectives at the State Criminal Investigations Department(SCID), Panti Yaba, where the case had been transferred to for further investigation.

The suspect:Chukwudi

At the moment, the Lagos State Police Command, according to its spokesman , Mr Frank Mba , had declared Dayo Tosin wanted , appealing to members of the public to avail any information likely to lead to his arrest to any police division.


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