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There is huge opportunity for business, Magorimbo

By Onozure Dania
The new Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Insurance, Mr Livingstone Magorimbo has said there is a huge untapped opportunity in the insurance industry in Nigeria

Mr Magorimbo, at a press conference to formerly introduce him to the public on April 23, said the Nigeria market in the insurance industry was the lowest in compared to other African countries, saying there is this therefore shows that there is a huge opportunity in Nigeria that has not been explored.

Magorimbo said he is not new to the insurance market in Nigeria, because, he had a team which came from Zimbabwe to support the insurance company here in Nigeria .

And he used to come every other month to support the team.   So because of the opportunity, as they were approaching the end of that contract, he started looking for another opportunity and when the opportunity came with cornerstone, because cornerstone was also looking at getting a capable  partner that can come in and take the business from where it was to the next level,.

And so when they started talking, they had a common value and common interest, in terms of the way they hope to move the industry forward, therefore the discussion got more interesting when he found out what cornerstone stands for in terms of professionalism, in terms of the way cornerstone wants to transform the insurance industry, in terms of products that it offers to service to produce value and in terms of putting the customer first before everything else.

Magorimbo further added that his coming to cornerstone was a challenge for him, first because he has been involved in Nigerian market before and he knows what the challenges are and for him, it is a significant opportunity for him to come to insurance industry in Nigeria. He took up the challenge and he thinks cornerstone in Nigeria will do a lot more in the industry he said.


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