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Resident cry out over dangers of poor e-waste disposal

By Charles Mgbolu
Cyberlife has picked up some  frantic cries from local residents living along the Ijesha- Omilani route just close to the Apapa-Oshodi expressway. They have alleged that poorly disposed e-waste of some of the computer spare-parts dealers operating along the same route is becoming a threat to the lives of their children.

Cyberlife learnt this during a fight between some of the aggrieved residents and the computer spare-part dealers. A woman who was simply identified as Moji had nearly lost her four-year old son whom it was said had nearly choked to death as a result of a ‘green chip’ that he had allegedly swallowed. “If not for the special grace of God, that boy would not have vomited that thing,” a resident said.

The residents are saying the traders must clean up their surrounding without further ado or face their wrath.
“This is not the first time this kind of thing is happening,” said another angry resident.  “There are a lot of little children living  here because this is largely a residential area and they are the ones more at risk to this,” he said.

Mrs Felicia Akasi, another resident says “Children will always want to go out and play with their peers. Initially this problem was not serious, you only need to keep your surrounding clean but rains that keeps washing them down has made this difficult.”

Cyberlife observed scraps of different parts of old computer systems; monitors, CPUs, and copiers in the area. But the computer dealers are calling their bluff as they remain unshaken in their resolve. Paul Agbagwa; one of them says “

They will not be the one to force me to clean my surroundings because i do not go to their houses to do that. When I’m ready I’ll remove the scraps. It’s not anybody’s fault if a child picks up dangerous things from the floor and puts it in their mouths. Their parents should take responsibility for what happens to them.”


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