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Livestock traders complain of multiple taxation

Livestock traders in various markets in Adamawa have complained of “multiple taxation’’, saying the development is responsible for the high cost of animals.

They also said the multiple taxation had forced some traders out of business.Malam Audu Musa, a cattle dealer at Ngorore Cattle Market, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday that the traders paid various taxes to five different government agents.

Musa said traders and cattle owners paid N200 per head of cattle to enter and exit the cattle market, while four different government officials also collected different taxes from traders.

He said traders paid taxes to the Cattle Traders’ Union, the Transport Owners Association, the Cattle Market Owners Association and the Cattle Loaders Association.

Another cattle dealer, Malam Abdullahi Chede-Abdullahi, told NAN at Gurin Cattle Market in Fufore Local Government Area that they paid taxes to six revenue different government revenue agents. Chede-Abdullahi said that apart from their unions, traders also paid for entering and leaving the market, loading and off-loading, produce and quarantine charges.

He said that the traders were forced to pay additional charges if the animals were brought in from Chad or Cameroun, as most of the animals sold at Gurin and Chigari were from the border towns.

When NAN visited Song, Gombi and Mubi cattle markets, the story was the same, as traders said they paid taxes to four or six government agencies.

At Mubi and Ngorore markets, traders said that apart from the taxes, they paid extra charges if the animals were to be transported to the southern part of the country.

Malam Yahaya Diddijo and Malam Abdullahi Buladega, both transporters, told NAN at Mubi Cattle Market that although they were not truck owners,   they were involved in the transportation of animals.
Diddijo said “we collect dues from the traders as transport owners, as well as dues for escort and our ‘sallama due’ (farewell gifts).”

A livestock dealer in Ngurore Market, who pleaded not to be named, said  traders paid between N220,000 and N250,000 to hire a truck for the conveyance of their animals to the eastern part of the country.

He said “when a dealer buys a big cow for between N120,000 and  N170,000, he pays N1,000 per head of cattle, N10,000 to the person who assists him in bargaining, N10,000 to the Vehicle Owners Association and another N35,000 per escort.’’

He also said dealers paid N2, 500 as waybill charge, N3, 000 for loading, N1, 000 for ropes and stick, N1, 000 for feeding the cows per night and N40 for marking each cow.


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