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Is Nigeria hosting a separate World Cup in South Africa?

By Patrick Omorodion
Last week the Nigeria Football Association, NFA told a bewildered nation that it has set up 14 sub-committees for the 2010 World Cup holding in South Africa from June 11 and promptly Sports Vanguard queried the necessity of such when the country is not the host.


Even when the Eagles debuted at the USA ‘94 World Cup that the country celebrated very much as well as the 1998 and 2002 editions, the NFA then Air Commodore Emeka Omeruah, Colonel Abdulmumuni Aminu and Brigadier General Dominic Oneya respectively never set up such committees to siphon government funds.

The sub-committees were set up after a meeting between the top hierarchy of the NFA and chairmen of the 36 States Football Associations, from the NFA bigwigs squeezed out an endorsement for an undeserved second term in office.

For those who don’t know yet, the sub-committees are Main Organizing, Technical, Media, Medical, Protocol, Security, Transport, Accommodation, Marketing, Finance, Accreditation, Observation/Study Group and Catering.

All these committees are on ground manned by both FIFA and the host country and would cater for all the 32 teams including Nigeria.

So who are they setting up their own committees for , if not for selfish interest of returning to power.
Like I wrote to my fellow sports writers last week, if Sani Lulu and his co-travellers in the NFA have performed well, they do not need to bribe State FA chairmen with estacode grabbing trip to South Africa to return to the Board.

And secretary general, Bolaji Ojo-Oba was labouring during the week to explain why the committees were set up. Hear him: “the NFF Executive Committee at its meeting on Wednesday last week duly approved the constitution of 14 sub –committees to ensure a smooth operation for Nigeria at the biggest single –sport spectacle in the universe, and that everyone going to South Africa will be there to work hard.”

If FIFA and the host country will cater for every team, why is the NFA seeking to ensure the smooth operation for Nigeria? What duty will these State FA chairmen perform in South Africa for either the Eagles or the NFA? Will they hire their own security outside that provided by South Africa? Will those in the catering sub-committee take over the kitchen of the hotel or supervise the cooking of the meals? Please tell Nigerians Dr. Ojo-Oba.

The sports minister, Alhaji Ibrahim Bio saved Nigeria the embarrassment the Hampshire Hotel would have cause the country. The NFA has gone around again to create another avenue to embarrass the country. Otherwise why these irrelevant committees, an avenue to siphon government funds and return those ‘killing’ football in the country to power.

It will serve Nigeria well if Alhaji Bio will again stand up against these enemies of Nigeria’s football who parade themselves as administrators and stop this jamboree and waste of government fund for that is what Lulu and Ojo-Oba want to push on Nigerians.


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