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In Enugu, 3 men die in soak-away pit

TRAGEDY struck in Enugu yesterday when three men died mysteriously inside a six-feet deep soak-away tank in Ganki Area of Enugu in Enugu South LGA.

The incident , which occurred at about 11 am at Umuaniabor Street in Enugu metropolis, was suspected by the  residents of the area suspected by the residents to have been caused  a toxic waste emitting from the underground soak-away tank or by an “evil spirit” inside the tank.

Two of the victims who could not be immediately identified were said to be staff of a sewage management company, One with God Sewage Services, while the third was a tenant in the three-storey building.

An eyewitness said  the tenants had invited staff of the sewage company to evacuate faeces from the underground septic sewage filled to the brim, which they successfully did between 9 am and 11 am yesterday.

But after evacuating the human wastes, the workers opened the soak-away side, apparently to check if there were some faeces left in the soak-away, but unknown to them, death was waiting in the pit.

An eyewitness said:  “After opening the soak-away pit, one of them went inside but few seconds after getting in, he shouted and slumped.  His colleague who immediately rushed into the pit to ascertain what happened also shouted  and slumped.

“The noise attracted the tenant who rushed to the scene and saw the two men lying critically in the pit.

Without wasting time he also went into the pit on a rescue mission only to slump few seconds after.  Both of them died within a space of five minutes. It was like whoever goes into the pit, which depth was just about six feet, will just collapse and die. It was a strange development.”

Other tenants and sympathizers who saw how the three men gave up the ghost, the eyewitness further said, refused to move into the pit as they only opened another section of the soak-away and brought a ladder with which they tried to pull out the lifeless bodies of the victims using a rope.

However, they were unable to pull them out before a team of policemen from MTD Gariki Police Station rushed to the scene and ordered everybody out of the compound.

As at yesterday, the three corpses were still lying in the pit. The police said they had contacted officials of Enugu South Local Government to assist in removing the corpses.


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