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ICAN members in quandary over alleged N5m website deal, threaten to dissolve IT committee

By Omoh Gabriel
The publication of allegation of corruption, manipulation of electioneering process tear ICAN apart is generating furor and suspicion among the rank and file of the body of accounts in Nigeria.

The members are scared of being sanctioned and are only speaking in discordant voices in secret refusing to be drawn into the controversy in the open.

Even when corned bodies outside the country have circulated the article for comments by members they have refused to come out in the open. In one of the several documents sighted by Vanguard a concerned member side “Will someone champion a lead on the table to go over this issues. It’s been more than 48_Hours since this news surfaced on the homeland newspaper. The traffic on Yahoo seems unusual since this news was published. What’s going on here?”

A highly placed member of ICAN it was gathered from the documents said “I feel highly disappointed to read this article and to say I as the oldest member of this committee, this type of thing never happened when we had worse situation than this and going to the press is the highest level of insult to members and the institute.

“There is no home or organisation without its challenges and going to the press is not the best way. Am proud to say as the father of the TCI, this is not my expectation as we are determined to take our Institute to the Zenith and be the envy of others. If anyone has any axe to grind either with the management or whoever should not use this medium to spread this damaging news.

Another it was learnt said “It is disheartening to read the above caption in Vanguard Newspaper of Monday, 24th May, 2010. Notwithstanding the due process and corporate governance, we do not need to wash our dirty linen in the public. The members of IT Committee would appear not to appreciate the incalculable damage their uncontrolled outburst has done to the image of our great institute.

“IT Committee is a Committee of ICAN and should have in the first instance liaised closely with the Management for all relevant information including contract agreement required on re_designing of ICAN website. If the IT Committee members are of the opinion that due process has not been followed, the appropriate action is to petition the ICAN President. As IT Committee members have jumped the gun, the IT Committee should be re_constituted and existing members sanctioned.

“All that was said in that publication were lies and muddle_up of issues, figments of the writers imagination as the chronicle of events have overtaken that news as we have agreed to accept the website and training conducted.

“The Committee recommendations on electronic ballots papers and security features have been passed to Council for approval where is the confusion as painted by the writer of this story? We shall surely trash this monster of misinformation as soon as the IT Committee meet soonest. We have to get to the root of this publication and whoever is found to have done this damage will not be spared”.

Please refer to the mails below from Registrar, the President and a member of the institute which I received now. It is important that we meet to discuss same tomorrow at 12 noon at the Faculty office. I am sending an electronic copy of the document under reference”.

At an emergency meeting of the IT committee held on Friday, the members instead of tackling the issues raised was busy trying to exonerate itself from leaking the information. The chairman of the committee made it known that the President of the institute requested for an urgent reply from the committee so as to ascertain the level of involvement of the committee in the allegation.

According to the meeting proceedings “The committee felt so surprised about the publication; and even the level of verbatim in the publication which showed that the informant to the press must have been an insider who have been following the proceedings of the committee’s meetings or somehow have access to the minutes of the committee’s meetings.

“The committee members felt so bad that their selfless service to the Institute is about to be subjected to ridicule despite their high level commitment to the progress of the Institute. It was also registered that if the Institute eventually sanction and disband the committee; so be it but good legacy should be left behind. So, the committee said if the Institute eventually decided to sanction this committee, due process to ascertain what went wrong and how must be followed.

“The final submission was that to reply the President’s request; the chairman should put a write up and back it up with the committee’s comments and view concerning this newspaper publication, stating that the committee would be interested in thorough investigation if possible, go to the Vanguard House to seek how the information got to their table.

“The reply of the chairman to the President must include today’s deliberation and the stand of the committee members towards the allegation. Moreso, the chairman must circulate his reply to members before going to the President for comments and contributions. After that, each of the committee members must sign on the response to the President. The response should not be more than two_three paragraphs, accompanied with the minutes of the committee”.


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