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Can you leave your wife in the care of your brother?

By Bridget Amaraegbu
We reveal our dark parts to those we trust. They are our friends and relations we love, seek their advice and help. But these same people  can be dangerous as the story below illustrates. It is about Mr Alex, a company executive who hardly has time for  his family. And to fill this vacuum, he entrusts his wife in the care of  his younger brother whose education he sponsored abroad. For some years now, Alex’s brother has returned abroad only for Alex to  discover that one of his children is fathered by this same brother of his. Alex is now confused, wondering what to do. But  some distinguished Nigerians have a word or two for him. Keep reading.

Do so at your own risk — Yul Edochie, Actor

Laughing, How can anyone trust his wife in the care of another man, whether he is brother or friend? I think whoever does that is doing so at his own risk. There’s a popular saying in Igboland that you don’t keep yam and goat together and expect that nothing will happen. Of course, the goat will surely eat the yam. When you put a woman who does not have any blood relationship with a man in the same care, they must surely care for each other in the long run.

I consider that as a silly decision for anyone to take. It’s only natural for a man and woman in the same arena to admire and begin to have feelings for themselves. So, I don’t blame either the man or the woman.
When I’m not at home, I warn my friends and brothers strictly not to visit my home because from mere visitation, anything can happen, not to talk of living together. For God’s sake, there are certain things you must limit your trust with. Issues that deal with emotions should be carefully dealt with. So, I can’t trust my wife with anybody. When I’m not at home, she should be left to stay alone.

Won’t expose my wife to such danger — Darlington Egeonu

Divorcing the woman because of this is like giving away something that belongs to you to someone else because you never can tell what led the woman into this mess. I know that many of us will choose to lay blames on this woman but what happens to her brother in-law? What about the man who chose to give all his time to the office and left his family at the mercy of another man? How are we even sure that Mr Alex didn’t lose interest in his home because of some other women outside? I think all of them have sinned and need to forgive one another. For me, I refuse to expose my wife to any such danger because I’ll always be there for her.

Nothing’s wrong with that — Kingsley White

No need to worry. I’ll just wait for him to get married because I’ll surely retaliate. What is wrong with asking someone I sent to study abroad who’s also my brother to come and assist my wife with certain things since he has some spare time to do that? Whether it was my wife who lured him or vice versa, the deed has been done. Right now, I’m not prepared to challenge anyone but wait for revenge.

It’s tempting — Kola Johnson

I may not be able to advise him. But when this kind of thing happened to a doctor friend of mine, he divorced the woman immediately. His wife confessed that his second son belonged to his younger brother. He couldn’t bear the trauma, so he sent both mother and child packing.
As per whether I can trust my wife in the care of my brother, I will not do a thing like that because even the Bible told us not to put our God to test. My wife may be a very decent person but you never can tell how the devil can tempt people. I don’t want to take such chances.

Avoid the situation — Ebitimi Golden

I believe Mr. Alex has a better case since he has not spent so much money on another man’s child yet. What would he have done if he found out after this child had graduated from the university? I have seen  a case where a man invested heavily on a child he thought was his, only to discover 25years later that the child was not his. The amazing part of it all is that he let the child go back to his real father and forgave his wife. But how many more people can be like this man? Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I’m faced with an issue like this. So, I’ll just try and avoid it. Simple.

I’ll trust him but divorce my wife if — James Udoh

It’s an abomination, therefore he must divorce her and look for another wife or remain single forever because he may never be able to trust any woman again. The man really needs the holy spirit to heal him from such a deep cut in his heart. The poor executive must have been working his ass out to balance home and office. And his silly wife is sitting back at home and having fun with Mr. Executive’s younger brother. My advice for him is that he should divorce her. And if my own wife does a thing like that, I’ll divorce her as well.

It’s not advisable — Julius Agwu, comedian

My dear e dey very wrong to leave your wife in the care of any man.  I will not even advise my wife to leave her sister in my own care because you know say body no be wood, so anything fit happen.
Yes, the trust will always be there but then, it is better to avoid any circumstance that can lead to temptation. Even leaving my brother to stay for a day or two when I’m not there is also not advisable because anything can happen.

Besides, I’m a very jealous person and I love my wife so much that I hate leaving any man around her. I dey tell you say even if I leave am with gate man sef, I dey call her for phone minute by minute. No be like say I dey fear say anything wan happen but you know, just to ensure that she’s safe and the gate man too dey do im work.


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