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Bi-Courtney, Pan Express, others owe FAAN N10bn

*As Senate orders FAAN to list names of debtors

By Inalegwu Shaibu

ABUJA—The Senate has directed the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, to make public the names of debtors who are owing FAAN over N10 billion.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation, Senator Ayim Ude gave the order following disclosure by the Managing Director of FAAN, Mr. Richard Aisuebeogu that FAAN is being owed over N10 billion by concessionaires companies including Bi-Courtney and Pan Express.

Mr. Aisuebeogu who spoke before the Senate Committee on Aviation during the budget defence of FAAN said advertising agencies, Mevis and 84 other companies are also indebted to FAAN.

The money he said was annual revenue collected by the companies under the concessionaire agreement but have failed to remit over N10 billion to FAAN.

As result of the debt, Mr. Aisuebeogu told the Committee that the agency has been crying out to the government that they were not comfortable with the arrangement made with the concessionaires.

FAAN not comfortable with concessionaires

He said, “Advertising agencies owed N2.7 billion, Bi-Courtney owed over N1 billion and Pan Express and Mevis owed N582 million and over a billion respectively.

“The way the concessionaires operate makes it difficult for the agency to control, the concessionaires are independent of the agency. There are lacunas in the agreement and there are areas we need to look into as they affect the agency (FAAN).”

Senator Ude while giving the order said: “List all those who owe you and how much and why they are not paying. We want to know who are behind them. We want to know who they are and when they send the list we will go beyond that, know the companies, go to Corporate Affairs Commission to know who the directors are and we will let Nigerians know.

Senate to read names of debtors on the floor

“You were with us in the Senate when the list of all Nigerians who owed the banks were read on the floor of the Senate, I think we may get to that stage.

“We move from one stage to the other, by the time we get this list we will like to know who are behind them, we will even give them the opportunity to explain why they are doing what they are doing so that nobody will accuse the Senate of  blackmailing.

“When we see them we will know who they are and we can only know the directors of any company if you go to Corporate Affairs Commission because they are registered, we will invite them and after we have dialogue with them and they are becoming difficult then we take the extreme measure.”


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