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Actualise Yar’Adua’s dreams – Eminent Nigerians

Dayo Benson, Political Editor, Okey Ndiribe, Ehis Osajie, Dapo Akinrefon, Dotun Ibiwoye, James Ezema & Biodun Ogundare
Yar’ Adua: End of an era  — Saraki
The death of President Umaru Yar’Adua marks the end of an era of pro-people politics that started with his membership of the second republic Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) led by Mallam Aminu Kano, according to Senator Gbemisola Saraki.

The senator ,who stated this yesterday in her condolence message, said the tutelage Yar’Adua had under Aminu Kano, the apostle of Talakawa politics, shaped his view of politics as an instrument to uplift the people in a society that is pervaded by poverty.”

Even when at the outset of the fourth republic he found himself, by circumstances, in the PDP, he did not depart from the course that told the story of his love for the people and the resolve to transform their lives”,she said

Saraki continued:”So confounding were his people-oriented programmes, transparency and accountability while in the saddle of governorship in Katsina that Obasanjo could not resist the urge to groom him as successor.

“Once he assumed the office of president, he acted like somebody prepared for the task of governance at the national level, formulating an all-encompassing seven-point agenda to address deep-seated national problems.

Yerima...He had interest in Niger Delta and Tinubu...Yar’Adua did his best

“He will be remembered for being a detribalised leader, a hero of the people, a man who abhorred corruption in all ramifications, a believer in due process and rule of law, a committed family man and devout Muslim.

“Nigeria will surely miss his good qualities.

“I pray God to give the nation and the family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. May his gentle soul rest in peace”.

He’ll be remembered for his genuine interest in N-Delta— Alhaji Shettima Yerima
The President of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, Alhaji Yerima Shettima has described the dead of former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua as one loss to many, saying that he was a man with a good hearth and meant well for the country.

He said that it was unfortunate that the late President was incapacitated by illness at a time he was settling down to tackle the mirid problems that have been bedevilling the nation as a result of bad leadership.

According to him, Yar’Adua will be remembered for his interest in resolving the Niger Delta crisis and other issues until he was slowed down by the ailment that eventually took his like.

He said: “The entire members of AYCF mourn the death of Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.. We condole the family and indeed all Nigerians for this one loss too many.

“He was a leader who developed genuine interest in the problems that have been dragging us back as a country but it was unfortunate that he fell ill.. May the Almighty Allah to grant the deceased Al Janna”.

Yar’Adua tried his best for Nigeria — Tinubu
PRESIDENT Yar’Adua tried his best for his country. Despite his serious health challenges, and the difficult political setting in which he ruled, he loved Nigeria dearly and was passionately committed to doing his best for Nigerians.

Though a lot of controversies have trailed the implementation of these two initiatives, there is no doubt about President Yar’Adua’s commitment – for he staked his reputation and integrity on them.  If ever peace based on justice is achieved in the Niger Delta.” Yar’Adua would come down in history as the man who started the process and pulled Nigeria back from the brink.

President Yar’Adua has done his bit and gone.  But we, Nigerians he left behind, must do our patriotic duty by praying for his family, particularly his wife, Hajiya Turai, his children and his aged mother, Hajiya Dada Yar’Adua. Personally, my heart goes out to the president’s mother.  Twice in old age, she has suffered the anguish of losing prominent and beloved sons.  May such tragedy never befall her again, while I pray Allah to comfort her, with the rest of the family.

Yar’ Adua’s death a tragic loss — Nwuche
Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Prince Chibudom Nwuche, has extended his deepest condolences and profound sympathies to the first family and the people of Nigeria on the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. He described the death as a tragic loss to Nigeria and hoped that the family would find solace and strength to face this irreplaceable loss.

In a statement in Lagos yesterday, Nwuche said that it was sad that the President died so young when he has so much to offer Nigeria.

He described Yar’Adua’s demise as an experience that should make all Nigerians introspective on the need for national sacrifice and galvanize all to work for the growth and development of Nigeria.

Nwuche said that President Yar’Adua would be remembered as a man of peace who meant well for Nigeria especially the suffering people of the Niger Delta. He joined other Nigerians in prayer for the repose of his soul.

Mohammed Goni, former governor of Borno State
“ The whole country  feels sad about his death. Of course we know he has been sick for quite a long time but all the same, the nation was forging ahead  and there has been peace, apart from few disruptions. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Within the short time he was in power he did his best.

“ If he had gone for a second term, he would have been able to achieve a lot more. His style of governance could have been described as slow but very effective. I think he was a good administrator. The whole country would surely miss him. I also wish his family the courage to bear the loss with fortitude.

“I think what President Goodluck Jonathan has done so far since he assumed office as Acting President has been to follow the footsteps of President Yar’Adua. For now there is this element of his general acceptance as a leader.

“It is clear that he is going ahead with the implementation of the seven-point programme of  the late president. I think he should concentrate on one or two of the seven-point agenda of the Yar’Adua administration. I think he should concentrate more on power by declaring a state of emergency on power. Power remains the most serious problem we have in this country today. I think normalcy would also persist in the Niger Delta now that one of their own is in the saddle of power.”

Ayo Fayose, former governor of Ekiti State
“It is an unfortunate development. We know we would all die one way or the other but we thank God for his life. We pray that his death would bring more good things to Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan should immortalize Yar’Adua so that he would be remembered for his good works.

“The late President did the best  his failing health could permit him.  In the first instance, he wasn’t a healthy man from beginning. When you don’t have good health, you don’t have anything. He served Nigeria until his death. My expectation is that those leading us should learn from history; that all we do will live after us. They should realize that the only thing that can save this country at this period is for them  to do things that would be for the benefit of the people

“ Our leaders should de-emphasise their selfish interest in politics. We politicians should realize that the people’s endurance cannot be taken for granted for ever. We should do what the people want.

“We should give the people credible leadership.  Our leaders  should realize that what Nigerians want more now is a total reform of the electoral process and this is even more important than power supply. This is because, when you have the wrong man in power and there is a black-out, he would tell us that we didn’t vote for him. So we want electoral credibility.”

John Odigie-Oyegun, former governor of Edo State
“ His death is a very sad incident. I hereby condole the entire nation because he was our president; I also condole  his immediate family specially. He was basically a very good person; he meant well for the nation and he understood the problems the nation was facing. But unfortunately he was unable to make a serious impact. E

ven in areas he identified as top priority, he could not  achieve  much. For instance,  in the area of power supply  which talked about, we still don’t have regular power supply.

“ He also talked about electoral reforms and was very candid about it. He made a significant contribution in restoring relative peace in the Niger Delta. President Goodluck Jonathan has to consolidate on the achievements of Yar’ Adua in the Niger Delta because the Amnesty Programme appears to be hanging. He had very good intentions.  The priorities have been set and Dr Jonathan has  acted as President for a while.

Our prayer now is that in this very short time he has to spend in office he has to move with deliberate speed in order to make impact in the two priority areas he has set aside for himself.  He should ensure the nation gets electoral reforms and adequate  power supply. He has exhibited a lot of good intentions and has also made good statements. I pray that he can follow all of this up with actual implementation.”

Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, former gov. of Anambra State
“The good things  the late  President Yar’Adua did for his Katsina state as Governor, and for Nigeria as President, if written, shall fill several books.

But Yar’Adua’s landmark achievements as president include the following: Introduction of  a new concept of democracy based on due process and rule of law;  reshaping of  the direction of Nigeria’s politics through his policy of peace and reconciliation in the Niger Delta;  creation of the new Ministry of Niger Delta; as well as the amnesty and rehabilitation programme targetted mainly at  former militants.

“ Though he had all the powers of the Presidency under his use and control, he exercised those enormous powers minimally, and was neither capricious nor vindictive in his dealings with fellow Nigerians. Yar’Adua’s direction of foreign and economic policy brought him into a kind of cold war with America and the West because he was tending towards the Eastern countries as he tried to forge constructive engagement with such countries as China, Korea, Japan and others.

In general Yar’Adua achieved much that had seemed impossible only in three years. May his soul rest in peace, as I also pray that God Almighty may grant his family, and indeed the whole of Nigeria the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Yar’Adua was committed to rule of law — Gov. Gabriel  Suswam of Benue Sate.
Yar’Adua’s unfortunate death has come at a time Nigeria needs him most in the task of rebuilding our dear nation. The amiable and purposeful late president will always be remembered for his patriotism, integrity and single-minded commitment to the service of the nation, particularly in the implementation of the 7-point agenda of his administration.

Nigerians will not forget in hurry President Yar’Adua’s commitment to the reign of the rule of law and due process as well as his deft handling of the seemingly intractable youth restiveness and militancy in the Niger Delta. The success of the amnesty programme has, indeed, restored peace in the hitherto troubled oil-producing region. In many respects, the late President can be said to have left Nigeria better than he met it.

Your Excellency, while we commiserate with you on this monumental national loss, we are however consoled in the fact that as his former able, loyal and dependable Vice-President, you shared in his lofty dreams and aspirations for Nigeria.

As we pray for his soul to rest in perfect peace, we urge you to take heart and remain determined to confront the onerous task of nation building.

His death a monumental national loss — Governor Oyinlola
Osun State Governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola has expressed shock and sadness on the demise of President Umaru Musa YarAdua.

In separate messages of condolence to all Nigerians, President Goodluck Jonathan, Hajia Turai YarAdua and the Government and people of Katsina state, Governor Oyinlola said Yar’Adua’s death was a monumental national loss.
“The death of President Yar’Adua, no doubt came to us as a rude shock especially at a time when Nigerians were full of prayers for his recovery.”

The loss is as painful as it is traumatizing considering his relatively young age and more especially his undying tremendous love for our country,  Nigeria.

“During his life time, Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua displayed a rare faith in the destiny of Nigeria which he worked so tirelessly to realize during his presidency. He was a good man, an effective leader with a deep understanding of what it takes to lead a nation like Nigeria.

“At the personal level, it is generally acknowledged that the departed President had very immense personal integrity, very broadminded and was a role model in simplicity and sincerity of purpose. We shall all miss him.” Oyinlola said.
It’s unfortunate

—  Prince Tony Momoh
It’s unfortunate. Those who come must go. That is what the religions teach us, so, we wish him journey mercies. The fact is that, but for himself, this was a man who would have given us hope in the area of manifesting integrity and honesty in the work he was doing.

There was no doubt that he meant well for Nigeria. The decisions he took when he just took over showed he had the people in his mind and he sought their welfare and security for what he did with the Niger Delta, for what he did in changing lots of the things that were done by his predecessor, which were not in the interest of the people. It was obvious he was going to be a very great president. Unfortunately, health problems came and this is the end now. But one hopes that the new president, Jonathan, will pursue vigorously all those policies that are meant to ensure the welfare and security of citizens, which is why government is there.

Jonathan should chart a new line — Ayo Adebanjo
Jonathan should chart a new line, although he was doing his best during the time he acted, we expected more from him.

He should rise up to the occasion and act now. No ordinary man would say he received the death of Yar’Adua with shock; we all knew he was not well and we also knew the politics that was played with his failing health. The way and manner his health was politicised is quite unfortunate, nobody is above illness. He won’t be the first person that will be in coma, his case is not that unusual, but they allowed it to escalate.

Yar’Adua: Death is  colossal loss to the nation    — PPA

Progressive Peoples Party, PPA, has described the death of President Umaru Yar’Adua as a colossal loss to the nation.”With his death, the nation has lost a bridge builder across the political divides and ethnic frontiers as would be seen in the composition of a government of national unity [GNU] at the outset of his administration as president to alleviate the pains of the  2007 electoral fraud that brought him to office”,the party said in a statement by its national chairman,Mr Larry Esin, yesterday.

The statement continued:”He was a nationalist par excellence and promoter of the cause of the common man.
“Yar’Adua started off his political career with the defunct Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, led by the acknowledged lover of the masses (Talakawas).

“So much attributes of Aminu Kano’s brand of politics did he imbibe that when the opportunity came for him to be in power, now in PDP, as governor of his home state of Katsina, his programmes were geared towards uplifting the common man from abject poverty.

“That was when former President Olusegun Obasanjo saw his potentials as a national leader and groomed him (Yar’Adua) to succeed him.

“The president campaign for transparency, accountability, due process, rule of law and electoral reform speaks volumes of his commitment to re-arrange Nigeria such that the masses could get the best from governance.
“We are not disappointed at his modest achievements during his short stint as president.

May the good Lord give the nation the fortitude to bear this loss and console the family he left behind”.


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