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Women are key players in fabric of society

By Folake Aina

I really do appreciate all my readers. Like I always say, everyone needs encouragement. You really have given me the encouragement I need. To all my readers that bombarded me with mails when they did not get to read my article last week, I thank you for appreciating me and I do apologise.

This week, I would like to remind all women that you are a key player within the fabric of society. I encourage to increase your aggression in whatever you are doing, and make up your mind that only your success is permitted this year, Be mindful of the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is greatness inside you. It must manifest.

All through the ages women have been put down, harassed, oppressed abused, abased, cheated and battered. Only a few women ever burst out of that norm to effect their society and generation positively.  You can be one of those few.  There is a purpose for your being here on earth, and no one but you  can find out what that purpose is and attain it. No one but you can discover the greatness that is in you.

As a woman, your life should be a blessing to yourself and do those around you. You should feel blessed being a woman in whatever capacity, and not punished. There is a purpose for wherever and whatever situation you find yourself. You can’t control where you came from, You probably sometimes cannot control where you are, but you can take the good in it (there is always good in anything) and make out the good you want, and make a difference.

Many women are so discouraged knowing that they are putting in their best. They work so hard and nothing seems to be working. There just seem to be problems on every side.  It is alright. That is life there will always be storms, and there will always be problems. We all have the ability to surmount and overcome them. They are only distractions. Stay focussed. Remember all problems eventually pass  anyway.

You do have a choice. You must choose to be a happy and fulfilled woman wherever you are. There is a place created for you in destiny. Walk into it. It is a choice. Many women are Frustrated and unhappy because their happiness is hooked unto something. I must have this or that, or else I just can’t be happy. You can be happy. You deserve to be happy. You choose to be happy, no matter what, no matter where you are.   Whatever you have,  is enough to make you happy. Happiness comes from appreciating what you have left. Whatever is left is always enough.

As a woman, your life and experiences are unique. Good conduct is a must. It does not drop on you, you work on it.  Sometimes it seems that all that life tries to do is mess up your testimony. Things do get rough. Life throws things at you so hard sometimes, but you must stand firm.

You can’t control what life throws at you, but you can control how it affects you. You must focus on the greatness in you. That is where you draw strength from. Never get to a place where tough experiences force you to compromise and lose your self-esteem. Never give up on life. Don’t do things anyhow.   Every step you take in life takes you forward or backward. You don’t take steps anyhow. When you begin to catch on  to all the ideas, insights, and strategies that i will be letting you into, and you begin to apply them, You can’t remain the same. Woman, Life is about making profit. Of course you gain some, you lose some. But you never give up. Every step that does not profit you, re-trace and move on.  Your life should not bring you shame and reproach.

Whether you are single, or married, divorced, widowed, as long as you are a woman, your aim in life is to become a vessel of honour. As a woman your character determines the quality of your life on earth. What happens to you now and in the future is as a result of your lifestyle as a woman. How you begin to build your character now, will determine what you become. Build your character. It is hard work. It is not easy. Build it anyway.

Before you become a vessel of honour, certain things must drop from your life. Certain things must be instilled into your life. —Every negativity must go.

That you fail or succeed in life are not gifts from God.  It is not an anointing. They are as a result of your actions and your choices. What you get is your choice. Choose success. Always go for gold, never settle for less. Where you end up will be as a result of what you do with your potentials.

Something has been placed on your inside.  Woman, whatever you mean to do, never say you don’t have the ability. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. You are peculiar. The ability for the eagle to fly has been placed on its inside before it was hatched. Be the best in this seventh month. Best of luck


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