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We ‘ll do our best, Jonathan assures Nigerians

*Says He is a Baptist in Aso Rock
By Daniel Idonor
ABUJA—ACTING President Goodluck Jonathan Sunday promised Nigerians that himself and members of the Executive Council of the Federation (EXCOF) will at all time do that which is humanly right, in terms of good governance, geared towards the economic recovery of the country.
Speaking as a Special guest at the National Convention of the Baptist Church, which held at the National Ecumenical center, Abuja, Jonathan who acknowledged that indeed Nigeria was passing through very difficult times declared that “I will do my best to ensure that things are done well”.

According to him, “we know as a nation, we are passing through difficult challenges; but I believe that this difficult challenges are to prepare us for the serve of God and humanity, so that at the end of the day this nation of ours will get to where we want to go since we do not have any other like ours”.

“On my own, I will promise Nigerians and indeed the Christian congregation that I will do my best within this period to make sure that things are done properly.  This is because as a nation, no matter the limited resources we have, if we do things properly, and use the little resources prudently, definitely we will be able to overcome some of these basic challenges that we have. I and members of the Executive Council of the federation have no other choice but to do that and we assure you we will do just that. We will do our best”.

While thanking Nigerians for their prayers and support so far, Jonathan called for more prayers to enable the government succeeds, especially in its renewed efforts to mover Nigeria forward.

“I thank you for finding time to come I urge you to continue to pray for us and the government to succeed. We that are in government are ordinary mortals and are there not because of any special qualification that w have we do not have anything but we pray to god that whenever we are to say some things the words should come from God even if the voice is ours. Our actions should be divine”.

The Acting President prayed that “God should direct us on what we should do because on our own we cannot do anything”, noting that “this country is a great country made up of over 150million people and little people like us are very, very, inconsequential.  For God to send us here, He should have a purpose for us.  We pray God to help us achieve that purpose, and see us through the challenges we have”.

We‘re all Baptists in Aso Rock

He reminded the Baptists that “as you celebrate you Golden jubilee, I want to thank you most sincerely for the interest you have shown in this nation. Incidentally, Nigeria as a nation will this year be celebrating our golden jubilee”.

He said “I have seen your sincerity in your prayers for our country Nigeria”, saying that “you have also demonstrated your support for this country through your prayers and supplications”.

He disclosed that “when I came in and saw a number of Ministers I was wondering whether most of them are members of the Baptist family, but those of them who visited me a in my office; I told them that those of us who worship in the Villa Chapel , we are all now by implication Baptist because the Head of Service with former President Obasanjo used the Baptist  way of worship but since I took over as an Anglican ordinarily I would have changed it but I retained it because my believe is that God is one and what is good is good and your method of worship is good” .


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