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Soyinka urges Nigerians to save Yar’Adua from Turai

By  Michael Eboh
Nobel laureate,  Professor Wole Soyinka, has called for urgent measures by Nigerians to save ailing president Umaru Yar’Adua from some unscrupulous and selfish individuals, benefitting from his predicament. He noted that Yar’Adua’s predicament has revealed that he is a victim of spousal abuse.

Speaking at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group’s, NESG, Post-Annual General Meeting Lecture, in Lagos, Tuesday, with the theme, ”Leadership and Followership as Shared Responsibility,” Soyinka exonerated Yar’Adua from all the crises and controversies surrounding his health.

According to him, his meetings with Yar’Adua in the past revealed that he (Yar’Adua) is not capable of treating the country with disdain as is currently being presented through the various controversies surronding his health and visit of certain groups to him.

He said, “From my meetings with Yar’Adua, I see him as someone who is not capable of treating this country with contempt. His predicament is being worsened by the so-called cabal.

“The conduct of the people surrounding the president has turned the country into the laughing stock of the entire globe. Even the papers are having a field day on the issue of Nigeria’s phantom president.

“Yar’Adua is surrounded by people who are insensitive about the plight of the Nigerian people. These people holding him hostage are unscrupulous insensitive and heartless.

“It is not the Nigerian people who prevented even Yar’Adua’s own mother from seeing him, it is this cabal. They are flesh and blood but they have a lion’s heart or so.“If his situation takes a turn for the better, which everyone hopes for, it does not make any difference, whatsoever, to what has happened already. It does not take away from the fact that refusing his mother access to him, has made him a victim of spousal abuse.

On the visit of Islamic and Christian leaders to the Presidency, he lamented that the issue had degenerated into a ‘sight-seeing’ situation and called on Nigerians to demand that medical experts in the country visit the president and determine his true state of health.

“While I will not like to debunk the claims of prelate of different religious organisations,” he said, “But at the most, their report is being conflicting to some extent. If religious leaders have been allowed to see him, it is time that Nigerians demand that doctors see him and examine his raised arm to determine if that arm can be used to write a letter and other things attributed to it.

“If some of his family members, Muslim leaders and Christian leaders can see him, why not Nigerian doctors? Since every other religion are going to see him, very soon, I will write a letter to him, that the people of Orisa and other religions in the country want to see him too.”


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