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School principal blames stakeholders on poor NECO results

By Dayo Adesulu

The generally poor performance of students in the recently released NECO examination results  has been blamed on negligence by all stakeholders of education.

This position came from the principal of De Gloryland College, Lagos Mrs. Obeche B.I.

According to her, the causes of the mass failure in the last NECO examination could be traced to the followings: It is observed all over that students are not interested in reading, learning, studying either at home or at school. She added that some parents often approach supervisor and invigilator with pretty sum of money to induced them make their children pass examination and the year they could not have their ways we recorded mass failure.

Besides, the qualities of graduates institutions are producing in Nigeria is nothing to write home about adding that many of those graduates cannot express themselves and even defend their certificates. She continued, recently we received about one hundred and twenty CV, when we conducted interview for them, we discovered that only three of them were able to expressed themselves and teach students in the class room. According to her, she was amazed that some of them were even jittering in the class while teaching the students. “ I don’t care what you made out of school, be it third class, second class, I will still test you practically in the class room,” she said. Therefore, the quality of teachers employed in secondary schools constitute to the failure. She further noted that many parents pay their children school fees but never buy text books that will allow them develop academically. This is wrong..

Mrs Obeche urged parents to put eyes on their children at home to make sure they do their home work, copy notes and never allow them watch television Monday to Friday until they have done their assignments adding that the evil video games and internet do is more than the good.

She said, they waist most of their time with their peer group at home doing nothing important, stressing that parents should not make their homes extensions of play ground where students visit your home to play video games.

She discovered that any parent or teacher who succeeded to impact knowledge of Mathematics and English language to their children will not have difficulties understanding other subjects.

Contrary to the believe that NECO examinations is easy to pass than WAEC and GCE, she said, she marks NECO scrips adding that NECO questions are tougher than WAEC but flexible and tolerant in marking the exams scripts. She said, that there is no reason why a student cannot choose three questions from nine questions in Biology or five questions from twelve options in Economics or Government and pass it if he or she is studious.

The Principal was in the opinion that tutorial classes or coaching classes be cancel because that is where parents pay up to twenty thousand naira (N20,000) in order for their children to pass exams adding that after payment the teachers assure the students of success without handworks.

Another factor adduced to examination failure is inadequate laboratory equipments for practical especially in most private schools.


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