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SAP provides software for business development in the oil and gas industry

By Daniel Alfred
SYSTEM Application Product, (SAP),a leading provider of business solutions to enterprise companies last week disclosed that they have provided software to enable the oil and gas business organisations preserve data’s for business development as well as support government policy.

The software and IT company made this mandate which is to gear into the oil and gas organisations, help provide efficient data solution in the various areas of the organisational endeavour.

The regional manager, SAP West Africa, Noble E. Ekejeh said this during a press conference held  last week in Lagos, stating that they have come with a vision to develop software from downstream to upstream revenue accounting, supply, trading and refining to ensure easy transportation of products from one country to the other especially the oil export products.

He added in terms of policy products, stating that their aim is to support the government policy and government unit to do refining in Nigeria.
According to him, “SAP is an IT and software company and we provide software and business solutions for organisations including the oil and gas companies to achieve their objectives. This covers the upstream, down stream, retail companies among many others. Therefore, we provide softwares that enables the oil and gas business organisations do what they need to do in their various areas, so as to provide business solutions to enterprise world wild.”

“Our ultimate plan is to support government policy but the operators need to take the appropriate step in that respect and as they do that, we will be able to provide them with softwares that will enable them carry the activities effectively.

Those who are operating and providing the valuable petrol, diesel which keeps the country going in the main time needs to have a supply chain software to help them meet their cost efficiency within that period. The content is where ever you are operating in the oil and gas sector be it in the upstream or the downstream, we have all the software and the relevant solutions to your business”
“We have designed these software in such a way that it captures the running of all the oil and gas practices.

This tool we are offering gives a particular company the opportunity to be ahead of their competitors. Almost all the world class organisations use SAP. So, we have the benefit of haven captured the experiences and the practices that will make them go into our software.

Apart from the oil and gas sector, we also do banking, telecommunication, manufacturing, in_fact, about 24 industries of the public sectors with customers as the IBETO group, Nigerian Army, LNG, Shell, Heineken and so on and as a result has earned us the highest customers in Nigeria”. He said.

Director mid_stream and refinery, IBU oil and gas SAP Germany, Christiana Reutter, opined that they have the production revenue, specific  hydrocarbon operation so that the allocation  and methods must link from the top until the transportation process and the whole  cost accounting which means from when the products comes in until it is brought to the refinery which is for upstream part.

“We do the supply chain, that is the transportation of crude products as metro gas and crude oil, transportation of products in pipelines and there is a supply program for it. We do the whole trading, which means the commodity trading of crude oil of products after which we come into the refinery and do the refinery integration for all the manufacturing executions and from there, the secondary distribution from the refinery out to the dealers, buyers, to the industry and to the service stations retailing business. In order words, we help organisations and provide them with software to enable them keep data’s properly and  carry out  jobs effectively” She added.


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