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Police arrest tenant for raping landlady’s 11-year-old daughter

By  Evelyn Usman

It was obvious that 29-year-old Ademola Arogboto was oblivious of the offence of rape for which he was arrested, judging by the air of pride with which he carried himself, when paraded before newsmen at the Oduwuwa, Ikeja, office of the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer,last Thursday.

Ade, as he is popularly called by his friends, moved into number 3 Akindele street, on Monday, as a tenant. But like the biblical saying that the sin of one will find one out, Ade’s ‘sin’ brought him to public glare, as he was caught pants down with his landlady’s eleven year-old daughter (names withheld) three days later.

The primary six pupil, whose mother is a food vendor, reportedly took a bowl of rice to Ademola inside his one-room apartment, a conduct that was not unusual. But apprehension set in moments later, following the girl’s absence and during a search conducted round, her inquisitive mother was said to have sent one of her attendants to inquire from Ademola if he sent the girl on an errand, only for the unanticipated to happen.

Suspect: Ademola Arogboto

In this interview with Ademola, an Ekiti state born who claimed to have come from one of the royal families in Ekiti, stated plainly that he did what he did  with the girl’s consent. His response took everyone by surprise as he spoke as if what happened was a normal thing.

Said he, “ I was arrested at about 12.30 pm on Wednesday by policemen from Iju. Actually , it was the girl that made me do it. No, no, I did not do anything.” Apparently on a second thought, he stated, “ yes  I did but did not dig deep.

“What actually happened was that on that day she came, she behaved like a matured girl that understood everything about life. When she entered my room she just held on to my waist and immediately laid on my bed. When I saw she behaved liked a matured person, I carried her and put her on my chest and thereafter, removed my trouser and had sex with her. She did not shout nor cry and blood did not come out of her to indicate rape.

While they were apparently at it, there were reportedly bangs on his door which was discovered to have been locked from behind. One of the inquisitive persons sent to look for the 11 year-old girl was said to have peeped through Ademola’s window where they were caught in the act.

At a point, Ademola drifted from the business of the day and blamed his action on his deportation from Lybia last year.

“ If I wre not deported from Lybia, perhaps, I would not have been going through this. I travelled to Lybia after I dropped out of tertiary institution in year 2004, where I was studying Accountancy.”

Mother of the girl, Mrs Bose Ige, expressed shock at her tenant’s misdemeanour and at the same time, regretted ever leasing an apartment to him.

“ He called to say he needed to buy some food and my daughter who happened to be the last child of my six children took the food to him in the room and the next thing he did was to lock the door behind her. It was when I did not see her that I sent people to look for her. And all the while they knocked on his door he did not answer until he was seen from the window.

Reaction at my discovery
“When I heard of it I was furious. I was so angry that I descended on my daughter for not shouting out and even bitting him when he started. I thereafter took her to the hospital where I was told there was nothing to indicate she was pregnant. Even when she was taken to the hospital, Ademola did not foot the bill, claiming that he had no money.  I have been selling for long without any incident of such occurring.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations officer, Mr Frank Mba said the suspect would be charged to court soon for rape, adding that the victim was a minor.


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