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Oyelese to Akinjide: Ibadan won’t forget 2011

Chief Richard Akinjide  should know that he is solely on his own in the call for Ibadan to forget 2011 governorship and only time will tell,” according to a former minister under Abacha regime and a PDP gubernatorial aspirant in Oyo State, Elder Wole Oyelese.

Oyelese, in statement entitled, “Akinjide’s yanga is waking trouble,” at the weekend, disagreed with the justice minister in the second republic that the administration of Christopher Alao-Akala is the best thing to happen in Oyo State.

Reacting to a newspaper interview in which Akinjide advised Ibadan people to forget Oyo governorship in 2011, the aspirant said, “There is no doubt that Chief Akinjide has finally undone himself by asking that Ibadan should forget 2011 governorship. At a time when the teeming population of Oke_Ogun area of Oyo State and even Ogbomoso people are rooting for an Ibadan indigene to take over from Akala, it is unthinkable that a supposedly enlightened and progressive Ibadan man would canvass that Ibadan should leave Oyo state to continue to wallow in the cesspool she has currently found herself. It is regrettable that someone who should be in the forefront of the struggle to redeem Oyo state is the leader of those now celebrating mediocrity.”

Oyelese pointed out that it would have done Akinjide a lot of good to keep a dignified silence at the twilight of his political life than get involved in a messy controversy he may not survive politically.”  Reading his interview and recollecting other pronouncements he has recently made in favour of Akala and his administration, I could not but begin to wonder if it was the same Akinjide who never saw anything good in Akala and his administration to the extent that we all went as a team to defend our position on Oyo State and the PDP before the National Peace and Reconciliation Committee of our party,” the aspirant added.


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