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Ndokwa youths flay allegations against DPR boss

By Akpokona Omafuaire
WarrI—Ndokwa Youth Congress, NYC, has condemned reports of alleged bribery against Mr Billy Agha, the Director of the Directorate of Petroleum Resources, DPR.

The NYC described as wicked the report which said Agha allegedly bribed his way to be confirmed as DPR boss.
The group, in a statement yesterday, expressed shock at the extent the author of the write up in one of the online news web sites could go to rubbish the reputation of the meritorious public servant who hailed from Ndokwaland.

The group, in a statement, signed by its National President, Chimennma Okolo, and General Secretary, Jerry Ogwu, said it would not fold its arms and watch while some disgruntled elements tried to rubbish the image of their kinsman just to score some political points.

NYC noted that the publication was a mere figment of the imagination of the author, asserting that while it would not hold brief for the DPR boss, it was of the opinion that such weighty allegations bordering on the integrity of a public officer should be backed with evidence and facts and not the kind of junk made in the pointblank column of Sahara news.

It was alleged in the online new web that the DPR boss allegedly parted with $2 million reportedly paid to an account furnished by the First Lady, Mrs Turai Yar’Adua, to have his appointment as substantive DPR boss confirmed.

The report specifically accused the First Lady for allegedly collecting $2 million bribe from the DPR boss with a promise of juicy oil deals.

Pointblank news also said Agha was alleged to have been collecting about $500,000.00 from oil companies to renew their operational licenses.

Beside, it alleged that the DPR boss had made over N1 billion from estacodes he purportedly receives almost every month for either travels overseas or Abuja and any other part of the country.

It further alleged that Agha was said to have dolled out N500 million to aid the election of former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori during his governorship election in 1999.

But reacting yesterday, the NYC said it was disheartening and unacceptable for a media house to peddle such defamatory publication without recourse to any evidence and facts whatsoever.

NYC, however, asked that ‘ when in the affairs of running Federal Government matters did first lady becomes a confirming officer?’.

They described the report as “unfortunate and unguided” alluding to the fact that Mr. Agha got the job through alleged bribery and “not because he was chosen from amongst the best in the industry, stressing “this is a man that has before now held very key position in the Nigerian oil sector very meritoriously”.

It challenged the media house for justice sake to produce verifiable evidence of the payment paid to the First lady and from which account the money was withdraw.

On the alleged $500 million allegedly being collected from oil companies by Agha, NYC queried  why the affected oil companies by standard had not resisted or blown the lid and therefore, described the accusation as most laughable and most improbable.

While saying that it support the fight against bribery and corruption in the country, NYC said it kick against injustice and attempt to rubbished or unjustly accused public servants who are rendering service to their motherland for political, pecuniary and parochial reason

They however vowed to resist any attempt to oppress, hound and disgraced her own just for the sole purpose of satisfying some primordial interests saying that they don’t want to believe that the DPR boss is being prosecuted because of his minority ethnic status.


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