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Military brutality: Bottling company manager cries for justice

By Ifeanyi Okolie

When, on November 10, 2008, Uzoma Okere was brutalized by some Naval ratings in the convoy of a Rear Admiral, for obstructing their way, Nigerians rose in total condemnation of the raw show of power.

The case later came up in the court of law where costs were awarded to the brutalized lady and many heaved a sigh of relief, believing that it will serve as a deterrent to other power- hungry uniformed men in Nigeria.  But the reverse seems to be the case going by revelations from the Insurance Manager of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Mr. Remi Amos Anowai.

The smashed car's windscreen

The 41-year-old father of three who narrated his ugly experience in the hands of a serving army Colonel in a traffic at Liverpool Road, Apapa, Lagos said he had sent a strongly worded petition to the Provost Marshal of the Nigerian Army seeking for his urgent intervention to the injustice meted to him.

According to him, “On Thursday the 15th day of April 2010 at about 8.45 pm, I was driving along Liverpool Road in my Honda Accord car with registration number AR 845 BWR.   When I got to Point Road junction, there was traffic gridlock and vehicles were moving slowly.

I was driving behind a trailer carrying a container when a Peugeot Saloon car with registration number AG 417 SHD, swerved in my direction and came very close to my car.   When the trailer in front moved on , the driver of the  Peugeot, while trying to overtake my car,  brushed his car against mine and it resulted in a minor damage on the bumper of the car.

“The driver of the Peugeot car came out through the passenger’s side of his car and, without saying a word to me, started hitting my front windscreen with his fist.   I was still seated in my car with the glasses wound up and the car was still running.   Some Policemen who were at a check point came over to us and asked me to move my car out of the road to avoid traffic.

The front view of the car

At this point, the driver of the Peugeot car ran across the road, picked up a stone and identified himself as Colonel N.J. Anene of the Nigerian Army Corp of Supply and Transport Headquarters, Bonny Camp, Lagos.   He smashed my front windscreen with the stone. After that,  he attempted hitting me with the big stone he  was carrying  and I dodged it.  He then smashed the back windscreen and that was when I realized that I was in trouble.  I quickly called my wife and she instantly called some of my relatives.

“One of my cousins,  an army officer called me after he was called by my wife and I narrated what happened to him.  He then asked to speak with the Army Colonel but I could not  give the phone to him because he was chasing me  round, ordering me to kneel down.  I gave the phone to one of the policeman who handed it over to him.

While he was talking to my cousin, I overhead him saying that I impersonated being an army officer  and I shouted at the top of my voice that I did not impersonate and he immediately smashed my phone on the ground. He  became so angry and ordered a soldier that was passing  by to enter into my car and take me to the SIB unit of the army  nearby for interrogation.

The policemen who were on ground pleaded  with him not to go that far because it was a mere traffic  and civil case that could be handled by the police.  He reluctantly listened to them and we both went to Apapa police station.  When we got there, the station provost asked us to return the next day to make our statement and
we both agreed.

“Surprisingly the next day, I went to the station with my wife but the Army Officer did not show up  and I waited till, still he did not come.   The Investigating Police Officer (IPO) then asked us to return the next day.  When he eventually showed up, he boasted in  front of both my lawyer, my wife and the  Divisional Traffic Officer (DTO) that he would not commit a dime in the repair of my car and if I am not okay with that, I should got to court.

*Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Abdulrahman Dambazau

The police begged that he should, at least, show some sympathy  and assist with the repair of my car but he said bluntly to their faces that he can afford over ten of my vehicle in a day but he was not ready to pay me for any repair and if I am not okay with that, I should go to court.
“My anger is that this army officer brazenly maltreated me as if I am not a human being.   He displayed naked madness and authority over and above  other human beings.  We know that the military hierarchy is doted with responsible men and women of dignity.

Why such a highly placed officer should resort to brute force and barbarism over mere traffic offence in which he was the offender is shocking.  I have no doubt that if he had a gun, he would have killed me on the spot.  I still believe that Military authorities will hear my cries of agony and dehumanization and address this issue with the utmost urgency it richly deserves in order to avoid a repeat occur-rence”, he stated.


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