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Microsoft partners Africa, Europian Union on best practices in ICT

Building on the success of the second ICT Best Practices Forum in April 2008, the Government of Burkina Faso, in collaboration with Microsoft and the European Union, have concluded plans to host the third ICT Best Practices Forum in June, in Ouagadougou, the Burkina Faso capital.

The pan-African event will showcase the latest technology solutions deployed by governments and their partners across the continent.

According to the President Microsoft Africa,  Cheick Dlarra  the African ICT Best Practices Forum offers a platform where African leaders can meet, share their particular experiences, and showcase concrete examples of technology solutions that have succeeded in their respective countries.

The African ICT Best Practices Forums serve as a practical way for high level officials from across Africa to share their own specific experiences and demonstrate practical examples of successful technology solutions in their respective countries. They also allow for such solutions to be more easily replicated, particularly given the skills shortfall in the region.

He said the  biennial event will serve as an enabler to replicate solutions in light of the short supply of skills and manpower in the region, just as it said international experts will also present relevant experiences from countries outside of the continent.

Dlarra  said industry experts and  leaders from the public sector, international financial organisations and donor institutions, international governmental organisations and civil society, as well as private sector representatives are also expected to be present at the forum.

According to Dlarra,  the level of interest in using technology solutions to address critical development challenges is high in Africa. Hence, the need to accelerate the penetration and application of technology on the continent, particularly at the public sector level.

“Feedback received from various government leaders and international financial institutions on the continent clearly shows that the best way to achieve this objective is to provide the conditions necessary for African governments and advisory institutions to share their own best practices, subsequently creating a roadmap for the future.

In this way, African leaders and the institutions that support them can actively assist in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector institutions through the use of technology and create the capacity for Africa to increase its own competitiveness.

Any institution that provides leadership on this issue would simultaneously achieve a high impact. Africa’s burgeoning ICT infrastructure is a major enabler of development in the continent. For this reason it must be protected and enhanced, said Cheick Dlarra


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