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Leadership, economy and deteriorating infrastructure, the way out (I)

There is a saying that before things can  move forward  in any organisation or state, true, honest leaders must be at the forefront to direct affairs to the right direction. The situation in Nigeria explains this scenario better. Questions being raised among Nigerians is  if  true and honest leaders are still found in the terrain of leadership in Nigeria.


In spite  of such abundant natural resources found in our soil, not much has reflected in the economy. The value of education  is going down, lack of  infrastructure has driven producers away leaving cost of production to  sky-rocket. Unemployment is at a higher rate. Investors refuse to invest for lack of  facilities.

Concerned Nigerians are begging leaders in Nigeria for a change of heart and attitude towards governance and  have suggested ways by  which things can go well in the country.

Let’s review our last 50 years— President and  Chairman of  Council, NIMN
“ Much patronage comes from government and much wealth can be made by the government, and performance is not easy to measure. And therefore, accountability is more suspect and in more measurable receipt by private sector.  The action of somebody in  government  has  more impact on the fortunes of the people than the action of a chairman of a company.

So, leadership has to be built around competence in addition to the normal skills. But in rooted values and standards recognisable with the risk of repetition, we  should  go back to the drawing board and start addressing those things that revolve around trust, generate trust, interactiion and transactional trust. We can only achieve trust through transparency, responsibility, reliability, accountability, equity, fairness etc. And unless you do that ,you can’t instil trust.

If you don’t have trust, you don’t get subscription. You find out that there is a disconnect between the followers and the leader, and the followers then exert pressure on the leader because it’s assumed that anybody in position of leadership must have stolen money.

And what do they do when you come back home without bringing anything? They fight you for it, they even expect you to come and settle them because that disconnect is there. How do we break that vicious circle? That is a challenge of a serious leadership, and it has to be with a clear determination to break away with the past.

So if a leadership is going to be good, it must be one that is able to create a vision. In creating a vision, you must start with something impactful that will stir the fortunes of the people. So when you created a vision, you must drive that vision which you get the people to subscribe to. Also you must be able to create or develop a strategy.

You must articulate a strategy to chart the options to achieve  those goals. Strategy is just the choice between options, that will enable you decide which is the fatest way, the best and the most rewarding way within the content of your strategic objective that will lead you to achieving that vision.

A leader who can do that, can now have a plan to implement the strategy. A leader must also design a plan with all the control mechanism to ensure delivery, so that at the end of it all, there must be a process control, management control, just to ensure all that should be done is done to ensure the plan delivers its target within the content of the decision. At the end of the day, a leader must deliver. In doing that, he must connect with people.

If he delivers without connecting people, he will also fizzle out, because he is there because of the people. That’s why we said you must start a decision. Define very clearly the impact you’re going have on the lives of people, so you must connect with people.

A leader must be passionate about people, passionate about success. If you are passionate it means you are ready to make a sacrifice, ready to have a sleepless night, ready to forego certain comfort, ready to be poor just to achieve set goals.
However, in terms of infrastructure and  global village, when you have a leadership that has the right focus, all these things will fall in line. All you need do is to sit down and draw a professional plan, you start to think about the next 50 years, in short we should first review the last 50 years. Where did we get it wrong? What are the little success we had? What are the things that  we could have had much better? What should we be going for in the next 50 years? We should be launching for the  golden years of Nigeria.

There are signals  that things will improve—MAN  President
“It’s quite certain that the quality of leadership in any given environment affects the performance of an economy. What leadership needs to improve an economy and overcome the problem of infrastructure is total commitment and awakening to social responsibility confronting industries, seriousness, honesty to forge ahead because if infrastructure is not in place, it’s difficult to meet Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, from what we’ve seen so far, the Acting President is in the front burner. He has given signals that things is going to improve. I have said it before that the 7 point agenda will not be achieved from Aso Rock Abuja.

It will be achieved from state governments which are committed and will want to deliver. For example, Gombe, Kano, Kwara and Lagos states, have proved that these things are achievable because leadership in these states are serious and committed to social responsibilities. I encourage others to emulate and make a difference in their states.

The same thing we did at Independence, the West first had Radio Station, before nine months, the North got theirs. The same with University. The point I’m making here is that leaders who are committed will also achieve results.

On infrastructure, we had outstanding issues with government which Jonathan was aware though he was not in charge, but now  he is in power, we expect he will settle those issues relating to infrastructure which has been a bottleneck in the manufacturing sector. And this, no doubt has affected the economy.


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