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IPC calls for creation of waterways commission

By Charles Kumolu
IJAW Peoples Con-gress, IPC, has called on the Federal Government  to create a Federal Waterways Safety Commission to accommodate  ex-militants, saying that it would complement other post-amnesty programmes.

It also noted that Chief Government Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, should be made the first chairman of the commission, given his  familiarity with ex-militants.

A statement signed by IPC National President, Mr Ekanpou Enewaridideke, said “it appears that the post-amnesty programme will not work because the framework for its realisation is not realistic and practical. Therefore, we hereby renew our call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to create Federal Waterways Commission and accommodate the ex-freedom fighters in Niger  Delta

“Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, should create federal waterways and ensure that the repentant freedom fighters are directly employed by the government. This is the easiest way to rehabilitate them as it creates jobs for the teeming fighters.”

The forum further urged the government to drop what it described as rhetorical approach to the post-amnesty package and engage in a more meaningful way of rehabilitating the ex-militants.

“The Federal Government should jettison all rhetorical approach to the post-amnesty programme,” the statement said.
and create the federal waterways commission. To ward off any hijacking by opportunists when created in terms of employment, chief Government Ekpemupolo should be made the first chairman of the commission so that he can organise it to touch all the lives of the ex-freedom fighters because he is very familiar with them ideologically, psychologically and administratively,”IPC stated.

Continuing it added that, “once the commission is created, empty intellectual bureaucratic talks about rehabilitation of the freedom fighters will disappear and this can frustrate the plans of people who hope to defraud the government via this post-amnesty programme.

“The present structure of the post-amnesty is dangerous because it is subject to dismantlement by any government that is not ideologically comfortable with it and this has the potential to take us back. With federal waterways commission created, this danger will disappear and this will further create employment.”


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