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How demand of success outweighs supply of success

By Udeme Archibong

In economics of human effectiveness, the demand of success outweighs the supply of success in the scale of equilibrium. But there is a thin line between the demand and supply of success. This thin line is what makes the world of difference between succeeding and failing.

In our underdeveloped society where the supply of enduring success becomes increasingly scarce by the day and the demand of success experiences spontaneous growth each passing moment, the price of attaining success becomes highly prized with only a few laying hold on it.

In the success scale of preference, “Responsibility” is a springboard that bridges the gap between the demand and supply of success. Success is not a “hand me down thing” but it is valuable and inestimable in worth. True success can never be bought with any currency of the world but rather enduring success can only be bought with the currency of “Responsibility”.

Success places a demand that only those who are responsible can handle it. Success demands responsibility that cannot be delegated, you are the only one responsible for its fulfillment. Until you are able and ready to shoulder the responsibility of success, you’ll fall under its weight. The clarion call to maturity is a call to responsibility. Maturity does not depend on age, financial or social status but rather maturity hinges on your rising up to the responsibilities of life.

When you come to the threshold in your life when you hold yourself responsible for everything you become, you inevitable change the course of your destiny. Success beckons to those who take responsibility for their lives. They do not play the blame game or the victimism game.

In the race of life only those who are responsible lay hold on the prize. In the scale of success continuum only those who grow or advance in the responsibility domain progress to the significant level where greatness dwells. Responsibility is the ability to attend to or handle the challenges or demands of life with adequate wisdom and understanding which produces an effective life.

Responsibility dwindles and decays when you neglect to take full and complete control over the content of your mind. Taking absolute control of your thoughts is the first step towards the adventure of responsibility. Remember, you become what you think about most of the time. Consequently, you can’t rise above the level of your thoughts. Your life experiences basically will be commensurate with the quality of your thoughts.

Success leaves clues. History consistently unfolds that if we must be partakers of life’s tangible and intangible treasures, we must fulfill the demands of success.

Success demands that you live according to the confines of the laws of life or the principles governing success. It also demands adequate submission to the laws of the land, as long as it laws not conflict with the laws of life.

Remember, the law of life is superior to the laws of the land. In actuality, the laws governing life should birth the laws of the land. This is where self-control and self-discipline play a pivot role in fulfilling this demand. Self-discipline is a scarce “commodity” that only those whom their minds are liberated have access to it. Success demands that you do the right thing and not the popular thing.

Success demands internalized laws and principles that should shape your inner core or nature. The more you live out the internalized laws and principles governing life and success, the less external laws you need. Irresponsibility attracts more external laws in order to shape the conduct of the individual.

In fact, the law of the land was set because people can’t handle responsibility. For instance, the criminal act was promulgated to curb crime. The person who has imbibed into his nature the principles of integrity does not need the criminal Act law to check his or her conduct.

Therefore, success demands that you place value on your character rather than your reputation. Your emphasis should be on character development rather than personality evolvement.

This is because when your character falls into place, your reputation and personality will take care of itself. Consequently, success demands that you live by a higher standard governed by the laws of life or the principles of success.

Success demands that you work hard and work smart. In the laziness domain, poverty is king. Success demands that you discover your talents develop and refine it in order to trade with it, for the betterment of mankind and yourself.  The principle of work hinges on the principles of self-discovery. For instance, the Wright brothers were bicycle repairers that were their job. But they had an amazing self-discovery that they could be manufacturers of airplane. They employed their talents and gifts with the magnificent asset of the mind and imagination. The Wright brothers became pace-setters, in the Aviation industry.

Until your job employs your talents and gifts, you become dissatisfied and unable to give your best. The ladder of success is not climbed by those who needs supervision to work or only does their own share of duty in commensurate with the income. The ladder of success is reserved for only those who takes the initiative and goes the extra mile in the spirit of service to perform beyond the job description.

“The man who does more than he is paid will soon be paid more than he does.” Anonymous.

Success demands a higher level of responsibility because the mistakes you may have made in the insignificant years of your life, if made in your significant years of success can wreck your destiny. For instance, Bill Clinton’s infidelity nearly cost him his political career and has tainted his reputation.

Success demands that you give birth to other successes. Until you take up the responsibility of helping others be all they can be, the success that you seem to experience will be short-lived. Zig ziglar counsels “you can have every thing in life you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want”.

The cost of maintaining success is greater than the cost of achieving it. The rewards of success does not so much lie in what you’ve achieved but in what you’ve become in the process of achieving.


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