April 8, 2010

Gbaramatu youths not fighting – Leader

By Akpokona Omafuaire

Warri—CONTRARY to recent media reports that there is rift among Gbaramatu’s youths in Warri-South West Council Area of Delta State, an opinion leader, Chief Moses Bebenimibo has dismissed such reports and advise youths in the area not to engage in media war but should learn to settle their little differences at home.

Chief Bebnimibo in reaction to recent media speculations gave the advice in Ugboroke, Effurun at the Weekend, suggesting that there could be slight differences but the media painting of such issues is exaggeration.

The Opinion Leader advised aggrieved youths in the area to take such issues to the Palace where the Monarch in his wisdom will adjudicate and put those differences to rest.

Chief Bebenimibo noted, “it baffles me that some people within our kingdom are trying to cause trouble where there is none, we recently had a youth Council set up by the Monarch under a constitution and some people who are not graduates are challenging it that why should a graduate be the President, the right thing to do is go to school and have your certificate.”

He added that “it is an insult to challenge the King, for a young boy to disobey the King’s order, I think it is not tolerable, can someone now go to court and challenge the Nigerian Constitution on why members of House of Assemblies should be graduates? No, so to challenge our newly inaugurated executives is a waste of time because we have a right to our constitution.”

Chief Bebnimibo called on all Gbaramatu youths to work in harmony to lift the kingdom higher so that it will become the envy of other youth councils.