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FGC, Ogbomoso gets multi-million naira science equipment

By Olubusuyi Adenipekun

To facilitate an effective teaching of physics, chemistry and biology at the Federal Government College, Ogbomoso, science equipment worth several millions of naira has been donated to the college by DUFIL Prima Foods Industries, makers of Indomie Instant noodles.

The donation was facilitated by the school’s Old Students Association who were motivated to approach the company by their interest in restoring the school back to its past glory.

Speaking during the presentation of the equipment at the corporate headquarters of the company in Surulere, Lagos, the PR and Events Manager, Temitope Ashiwaju expressed the company’s delight in playing a direct role in boosting and promoting science education at the grass root.

According to Ashiwaju “science is the bed rock of development and the need for its effective teaching and learning in secondary schools is highly imperative in this age of rapid technological advancement and as a responsible corporate organization, DUFIL Prima Foods place high value on educational projects of this nature as education remains the thrust of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives”.

Ashiwaju hailed the executives of the Old Students Association and the school management

board for their cooperation and collaborative efforts in ensuring that the academic standards of the yesteryears are  maintained and sustained in spite of the dwindling contribution from government.

He commended the executives for their sacrifices and investments, urging them to continue in the ‘spirit of giving back to where they had received so much. “As busy professionals and top executives in various organizations, your sacrifice of time and intervention in the dilapidating state of the school’s infrastructures to ensure that the academic excellence you experienced decades ago will be sustained is highly commendable,” he said.

Speaking forward, Ashiwaju enjoined the students to make good use of the equipment to enhance their knowledge in the basic science subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The equipment donated are apparatuses used for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology practical sessions. For the Physics class, the apparatuses include Thermometer (0_100oC), Meter Rule, Venier Calliper, Micrometer Screw gauge, Pendulum Bulb, Spiral Spring, Rectangular Glass Prism, Triangular,

Glass Prism, Optical Pins, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Potentiometer, Light Ray Box, Jockey, White Screen, Stop Watch, Optical Board, Lens Holder, Meter Bridge and Rheostat.

The Chemistry class apparatuses are Burette (50ml), Pipette (25ml), Retort Stand & Clamp, Beakers (250ml), Conical Flask (250ml), Test_Tube (Standard size), Boiling Tube, Test_Tube Holder, Tripod Stand, Bunsen Burner, Volumetric Flask (1L), Test_Tube rack, Test_Tube Brush, Burette Brush,

Measuring Cylinder (10ml), Measuring Cylinder (100ml), Periodic Table, Litmus Paper (Blue & Red), Filter Paper. For Biology, the apparatus are Student Microscope, Human Skeleton (medium), Plane Slide, Slide Cover, Fehling Solution A, Fehling Solution B, Benedict Solution, Sudan (III)

Solution, Iodine Solution, Formaldehyde Solution, Wall Charts on Reproduction, Digestion, Excretion, Plastic Petri dish and so on.

While receiving the items from Ashiwaju, Mrs. Patience U. Erhahon, Principal, Federal Government College, Ogbomoso, thanked the management of the company for the kind gesture, noting that the ineffective teaching of science will now be a thing of the past.
Erhahon explained that the equipment is timely and described the initiative as a boost in the science curriculum which will have immediate results as the final year students are preparing for the  May/June WAEC examination.

In addition, the Vice President of the Old Students Association ‘Deremi Atanda, hailed the

company for its various CSR drives which he described as three dimension interventions_ health, community development, and education. “In terms of your education intervention, we have seen clearly your alignment with government policy decision to get more involved in science education. This

initiative will go a long way to support that policy of Government”.

Atanda said the association remains focused on ensuring that the state of the school is palatable and the standards are higher than the standards of the previous years.

It will be recalled that in 2007, DUFIL Prima Foods equipped the Science Focus Centre of the Surulere Local Government Education Authority to promote science education at the grass root.


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