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40 development wells drilled in 1Q 2010, FG

By Daniel Alfred
The Federal government has announced that 40 development wells were drilled during the first quarter 2010 as against 27 which was drilled during the same period of 2009.

This submission was handed down by the Director, Department  of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Mr Billy Agha  at the 2010 first quarter media briefing which held recently  in Lagos

Two wells to one exploratory and one appraisal were approved for drilling during the quarter but none has been spudded.

The Director also stated that about 19 seismic processing/ reprocessing activities were ongoing by Total, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Allied Energy and Yinka Folawiyo during the quarter, while twenty two rigs were in operation during the first quarter as against twenty_five  recorded during the 1st quarter of 2009.

“A total of 3,827 sq Km of 3D seismic acquisition was approved for six E & P companies during the quarter, and total of 147 Sq Km (3_D) of seismic data was between January and March 2010 as against 1,070.12 Sq Km acquired in the 1st Quarter of 2009. Percentage decrease is 628 percent as only Exxonmobil acquired 3_D seismic data, in 1st quarter.” Billy said.

According to him, “The Technical Production Allowable for the first half of 2010 was 2,501,682 bpd compared to 2,605,618 bpd for the same period in 2009,  And the production deferment for the first quarter of 2010 are as follow; January 2010: 522,869 bpd, February 2010: 507,199bpd, March2010: 311,337bpd. The average deferment for the first quarter of 2010 is 447,135bpd as Chevron wells that were hitherto shut in came on stream in March, 2010, thus bringing down the deferment in March. This was as a result of the Niger Delta crisis and operational problems.”

“Twenty six marginal fields were awarded, six  fields ( Niger Delta’s Ogbelle, Platform petroleum’s Umutu, Walter Smith’s Ibigwe, Midwestern’s Umusadege, Pillar’s Umusati/Igbuku and Energia’s Obodoguwa) are currently in production while others are at various levels of deferment. In the reserve position, the audit of Oil and Gas Reserves of all E &P    companies in the country, is ongoing, the audit exercise is to validate and authenticate the reserve figures submitted to DPR by companies, and will be concluded by the first half of 2010.

Other activities are the unitisation of stradled fields in the current focus to ensure proper reservoir development and resource management, work program presentations by all E&P production companies in progress, to review past activities and future plans, twenty E&P companies have so far presented their 2010 work program to DPR, five (5)deepwater fields currently on production (Abo, Bonga, Erha, Akpo and Agbami) with a total average daily oil production of about 780,000bpd, others are at different stages of project development. A number of deep offshore projects are ongoing e.g Usan and Egina Field developments, SPDC is currently making efforts to commence activities in the Western area and has succeeded in putting EA back on production.” He added

“The monthly average production for January to March 2010 is as follows; January 2010: Average Daily Production rate was 2,280,859 bpd, February2010: Average Daily production rates was 2,345,897bpd, March 2010: Average daily production rate was 2,412,911bpd as the average for the first quarter 2010 was 2,346,556bpd and the curent OPEC Quota is 1,673,000barrels. In order words, crude oil lifting were recorded in various zones.

Lagos Zone, recorded a total of 44 vessels were cleared to load a nominated quantity of 43,441,250 bbls of Crude Oil from Agbami, Bonga and Erha Terminals as all export operations went on smoothly during this period. Warri Zone recorded a total of 59vessels which were cleared to load a nominated quantity of 47,021,732 bbls of Crude Oil from all the terminals in the zone.

Oyo terminal had their maiden export during the period under review and in Port_Harcourt a total of 117 vessels were cleared to load a nominated quantity of 94,337,283 bbls of Crude Oil and 19 vessels to load a nominated quantity of 15,320,000 bbls of condensate from all the terminals from the zone as the first and second quarter export permit has been processed.


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