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Yar’Adua still on medical vacation, says Presidency source

….Fingers El-Rufai as fueling crisis

By Chris Ochayi
Ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua who is currently recuperating in Nigeria after a medical trip to Saudi Arabia cannot address the nation as being demanded from some quarters because he was still on medical vacation, a presidential source has said.

The source who spoke with Vanguard Monday and would not want his name in print, wondered why agitation for President Yar’Adua to address Nigerians continued despite earlier explanation by the Presidency that Yar’Adua was still recuperating after returning from medical trip to Saudi Arabia .

According to him, “you are aware the Presidency had issued a statement that Yar’Adua was back and recuperating, and this explained the President is on vacation”, adding “there is no point asking Yar’Adua who is still on leave to address the nation.

He said, there is nothing in the laws of the country compelling President Yar’Adua to address the nation on his return from medical treatment abroad.

The source therefore explained that the call on the President to address the nation was unnecessary and uncalled for more so there is no vacuum at the seat of power, noted, “the emergence of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Acting Vice President on the account of National Assembly’s resolution has already addressed the vacuum issue.

The source who accused some elements of plotting to stampede Yar’Adua out of office, asked “why trying to push him out of office at this point in time?  “Those calling for the president’s replacement or his public address at this time are callous, heartless and lack human feelings”.

He accused former Minister, Federal Capital Territory , FCT, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai who he said is the hatchet man behind the current surge of agitators asking for removal of Yar’Adua as President of Nigeria.

Armed with a copy of print out e-mail message entitled, Fwd: Update on the current situation in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia…purportedly from on Friday, February 12, 2010, 5:17 pm, the source said it was since El-Rufai wired the mail to his collaborators that this new agitations started.

“This is El-Rufai’s agenda and they are working from outside in collaboration with his collaborators including the swelling army of false human rights activists for them to achieve selfish and nefarious aims”, he said.

In the alleged El-Rufai’s wire message which a copy was made available to Vanguard, the former Minister while weighing options to remove Yar’Adua from office, said, “the most viable option-which process can be completed within weeks-is the FEC-Medical Panel-Permanent Incapacitation option

“In my humble view, the impeachment option is not viable because, the Yar’Adua people have billions of naira to spend in the NASS to prevent or delay any steps to impeach him. The option requires that a panel set up by the CJN within 30 days of request finds Yar’Adua guilty of impeachable offences. The current CJN’s relationship with Aondoakaa is a big question mark”.

Third reasons why the impeachment is not viable, according to El-Rufai, is that it is time consuming-that will take anything from 1-6 months…which is precisely what Yar’Adua’s people want-delay until an early PDP Primary in mid June takes place and then give Goodluck Jonathan a lame-duck mandate”.

The source said, the former Minister’s position that the continued leadership of Goodluck without a “Vice President” will evoke feelings of complete exclusion in the political class of the north was mischievous and rebellion because according to him, Yar’Adua still remains President.


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