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Women possess all it takes to rule the world

By Folake Aina

I keep telling you that as a woman, you have the strongest and most powerful weapons on your inside to rule the world. You don’t believe me? Haven’t you noticed how this one woman  almost took over a whole nation, and would have thought she was actually elected in that office. A whole nation… The truth? Wherever you are, and in whatever capacity, you can rule. But like I always say, if you do things anyhow without a personal humility check, shame and destruction are imminent.

Women have been empowered to rule. You can rule your home, you can rule your world, you can rule over your children etc.  The difference between a wise woman and a stupid one is that the wise woman knows that even though she has the power, it is not really hers to use anyhow. Wisdom is needed. A wise woman knows how to use that power with humility without being manipulative, and the people  around her believe they are in control. What are you trying to prove when you show that you call the shots?

We all know that the man is the head of the family. Every woman must be in submission to the authority of her husband. You cannot take that away from the men. But you see, in many relationships and In many homes, many men have come to the realization that wisdom demands that he takes heed to what the women have to say. He has learnt from past experiences that not heeding to what the woman has to say, has landed him in trouble many times.
Now this is where I am going. Women are very discerning, and are really wise.

A man can walk anyhow over a beautiful carpet without realizing that it is a trap. A woman sees beyond the beautiful carpet and sees the pit dug underneath just waiting for the man to fall in. So the woman warns the man, he listens, and is saved from calamity, or he doesn’t and falls into the trap, and regrets not listening to a woman.

Now, look at these  scenarios. The first lady sees the trap, and tells the man “honey, that carpet is so beautiful. I really like the way you look on it. But I think moving a little to the right sort of complements the way you do it.  What do you think darling?

The second lady sees the trap and tells the man. “ Don’t you have eyes to see that it is nothing but a trap? What is wrong with you. You act like you don’t have eyes at all.

The third lady  says “ listen! There is a trap under that carpet. Don’t fall into it.

The fourth woman sees that trap, and just watches him walk into the trap without saying a word.
I would say, the first woman is the wise woman, the second woman is the domineering and manipulative one who has no respect whatsoever for the man,  the third woman thinks she is doing the right thing by just telling him, but I see no humility in her, and the fourth woman is a b….

I believe any woman can be in control and on top of anything and any situation if she handles it right. Noone made you God to the man or the people around you. If you must be a help meet, it must be with the wisdom and fear of God and with all humility. Every woman must learn to exercise this God given authority without Lording it over the man and the people.

There is a way that you make people do what you want and they really think that it was all their decision. It is not manipulation, it is wisdom. Many women want the whole world to know that they are in control. What do you stand to achieve by this. They want their friends and family to know that they are in control. They want the husbands  family to know that they call the shots and they become so mean and evil doing it.. To me, that is nothing but witchcraft.

A good woman just wants to see good results. She advises, underground, and the results speak for the whole world to see. It is not your place to wear the trousers as it were in the home.  Take your rightful place as help meet and be a friend everywhere you are. A friend is never bossy, a friend just wants the best. You advise and sometimes, your advise is not followed, let people learn to take heed to your warnings by experience.

To many women have it all wrong. It is all about control. If you do not change that attitude, destruction is never too far away. Even though you mean well, your attitude to anything, anyone and any situation matters. Check your heart. If you find just a little bit of rebellion in it, get rid of it. Those are negative sprits that eventually bring a woman to open shame and disgrace.

Many men are in so much trouble today because of the woman that they have in their lives. You must operate the God-given wisdom you have. That is the only way to win and overcome. The only way to do and play it is with humility.

When you begin to operate in pride, selfisheness and rebellion, you lose all that makes you a woman and destruction and open shame always comes. That is not your portion. Be wise


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