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There’s nothing like a bit of illicit lust to re-kindle your love life!

By Candida

Have you realized it’s when you are a bit low with a ‘there must be more to life than this’ feeling that fate deals you a really good hand? We recently got some training gadgets and I eyed the contraption suspiciously when the suppliers called.

The gadgets were a bit high-tech and Mike, one of the technicians had promised to be around to put me through.  Oh! Heck!  Did I have the time for some boring lessons I could do without?  OK so the gadgets would facilitate training, but I was thinking of passing the training over to one of the assistants when I saw the trainer!  I’d pictured a balding, middle-aged man with a beer belly.

But boy, was I wrong!  The guy who was shown into my office was tall, slim with well-groomed hair. I was smitten!  He looked a bit younger too, but since when had age been an issue?

In a few minutes, the gadgets were opened and the first lesson began. Soon the cocky bugger was leaning close over my shoulder, pointing out the necessary buttons and their applications.  I tried all I could to concentrate and once in a while, he boomed encouragement at me. “You’re a natural …. We should get over these in a week if you make such  good progress….”  During the lesson, he reached for the lever on one of the gadgets and his hand actually brushed my boobs! “Oooh, I’m so sorry!”, he apologized, not quite looking crest-fallen. After an hour, the lesson was over.  “See you next week”, he said with a wink. The lech!  He didn’t leave any doubt that more interesting `lessons’ could follow.
The following week, Mike called that there would be a small workshop for users and it would be to my advantage if I attended the next day as various other business matters would be discussed. I was free so I agreed to attend. The workshop was a sort of discussion group of some few participants.

Many of them couldn’t stop for refreshments and at one point, I was left alone with Mike who wanted me to hang around for more discussions. He sent for lunch at a near-by restaurant. And what with the wine and the heavy chemistry between us, it wasn’t long before we were snogging on the settee in his office.

After that, one thing definitely led to the other and, skirt hitched. Mike virtually rocked my world!  The spontaneity made it really exhilarating. There was pure lust in Mike’s eyes and I left his office floating in air!

“Glad  to  see  you’re  getting them knack  of this, contraption”, my younger colleagues teased as I bashed away at the machines in the days that followed.  I had to get the hang of things to justify the amount of hours spent on my `training’.  Because, for the next few weeks, Mike and I were making love virtually every week in his office, in my flat or his.

His wife was away to spend a few months with the children abroad, and although I told him about CTB, neither of us really cared. Sex with Mike felt so good to worry about a silly thing like a conscience. Afterall. CTB was a player of sorts in the lust mine-field!  Mike bombarded me with meals out and presents. Any time things needed fixing at my flat, he was round like a flash. Love making was there just for the asking!  Heady stuff if you ask me!

Unfortunately, CTB met him at the flat twice and it was now too close for comfort.  Expert lover or not, it was time to say goodbye to Mike. “I cannot bear to see CTB so suspicious”, I told Mike at the end of another mind-blowing ‘lesson’. I wanted him to beg me to stay.  To say, he’d never had such great sex, and that he needn’t use my flat.  Instead, he shrugged. “In two weeks”, he drawled.  “My flat wouldn’t be free either. My wife is coming back”.

It was then it dawned on me I was just one of many willing ‘learners’ eager to have fun with him on his stupid office settee. I was glad to have put a stop to the lessons and he must have been relieved too because when next the machines his company supplied needed servicing, Mike actually sent over a balding middle-aged man with a beer belly!

Did I regret letting Mike into my life? Not in the least! I can’t remember the last time I had such passion. It was too intense for it to morph into anything enduring. It’s like you’ve been sober for a while then get roaring drunk just tp remember the sort of kick binge drinking could give. Would I do it again? You bet! Life is too short, and once in a while when a hors-d’oeuvre shows up, you gobble it up then go back to your regular, boring meals! It’s often been said that spontaneous sex could do you a world of good.

It’s certainly more rewarding than several sessions at the beauty parlour and gym – and it costs absolutely nothing!


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