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Success Inspiration Agenda For Youths

By Kehinde Ajose

The difference between average performers and excellent performers is their commitment to the regimen of practice. Majority of the talented individuals I have been able to coach believe  all they need to keep doing to stretch their talent is to keep using their talents.On the contrary, the gospel truth is that practice helps you to sharpen and refine your talent into a skill.The talent  alone will not takeyou to the pinnacle of success , you,ve got to constantly work on your craft.

If you are  musician, how much time to you devote to rehearsing that song?if you are an actor, how much time do you devote to rehearsing your lines?, if you are a comedian how  much time do you devote to rehearsing your comedy routine?, if you are a talkshow host, how much time do you invest in preparing for your show?

Though, I started playing the bass guitar at the age of 17 when I was still in secondary school, but it has taken me hours of practice to get to the stage where i now get paid for playing   and also train others to play it with dexterity.When I discovered I had caught the “writing fever”, I didn’t just pick up pen and paper immediately, I devoted hours of reading the works of great literary luminaries and bestselling authors,i gleaned the basics of writing from the greats,which has really jumpstrarted my writing career.There’s a myth about highly talented people — is that they are born that way, but the truth is that no individual reach their potential until they are willingly to practice their way up there.

In Nigeria’s music industry, we find musicians  who were once a toast of their fans, making sold out hit albums, gracing the red carpet, garnering huge fan base, being paid huge peformance fees. This success got into their heads, and they stopped upping the ante, raising their game and practising their craft.

Today, such individuals cannot be named amongst A-list musicians in the country, because they refused to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone. The true test of commitment is action. If you say for example, that you are commited to being a great actor, that’s not commitment, that’s just mere talk.But whenever you follow through and practice your craft, you’ve shown commitment.

In the words of historian Charles Kendale: “No one ever attains eminent success by simply doing what is requiredof him, it is the amount of excellence of what is over and above, the required that determines greatness.” A little extra effort  in becoming better at your craft through consistent practice and improvement will make you sought after in your field.

Learn to prepare for where you are gong, not for where you are. If you desire to be at the very top, then practice your way there. Oprah Winfrey aserted: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting with opportunity. ‘John F. Kennedy observed: ‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining’. Keep preparing , keep practicing, keep being better than your best, never be satisfied  with  your present accomplishments.  You are born to rule your world! Go make it happen!


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