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Sound mind, good health and LG’s Neo plasma purifying Air conditioner

When English Philosopher, John Locke, remarked in 1693 that,  “a sound mind in a sound body is a short, but full description of a happy state in the world,” not many people understood the full import of his statement.

Thanks to the increasing educational/ technological advancement, more people, the world over are beginning to see the link between a healthy body and a happy life.

There are several factors involved in securing and maintaining a healthy body; good nutrition being the greatest single factor.

Even though poorly prepared food, lacking in nutrients may keep people alive, people need to breathe in fresh good air in order to live well.

But what does it really mean to live well.? Is it about the quantity of food or number of times of eating in a day. It is not, but the type and quality of air one breathes contributes to a healthy living.

Ideal environment:
There are two schools of thought to this argument: the opposing school had argued that no actual ideal environment exists. They stressed that what scientist tend to do is strive to attain an ideal environment; an environment devoid of the mixture of toxic chemicals, wastes emitted by companies. That before now, they said air had been contaminated. This school also argued that the air humans breathe, in a pre_ summed clean environment, contains bacteria, if properly analysed.

The pro-school had argued that since the earth cannot be discussed without the air, the air had been comfortable until the emissions from companies interfered with the serenity of the air, as a result of the activities of gas plants, production companies, due to emissions (carbon monoxide) from car, vehicles, generators. There had existed a perfect environment the school argued.

From the above, it becomes pertinent that the air we breathe should be fit for human consumption. And one of the ways of ensuring that clean and purified air is inhaled is the use of air conditioners with neo plasma purification system.

So because the air we inhale is no longer safe, LG Electronics, manufacturers of house appliances decided to bring into the market the LG Neo Plasma air_conditioners to fight bacterials caused by the emissions.

The Neo plasma air conditioners are environment friendly and future oriented, they help to reduce hazardous elements which destroy the earth ozone layers that are harmful to human health.

The product was  introduced to help give sterilization for health conscious customers, especially in the harmattan season.

Features and health benefit:
The air purification mechanism follows the order of  anti bacterial pre filters primarily to remove large dust particles, molds and quilt dust.

It’s triple filters consists of organic compound filters to effectively remove unpleasant odours, and formaldehyde which causes migraine and chronic fatigue.

The Nano_size carbon filters catches fine odorous particles and remove odours resulting in a pleasant environment.  The product was not developed by LG to only remove microscopic contaminants and dust, but also to eliminate termites, pollen and pet hair, and to prevent allergic diseases, like asthma.

And lastly, the Anti Virus Filter (K_AVF) that is the improved Nano bio fusion filter allows nano _size bio enzymes to directly penetrate cell walls of bacteria to decompose its cell nuclei and kill the bacteria.

Enzymes perform an all encompassing function in the development and maintenance of the human body that is why LG allowed nano -size bio enzymes emission from the air-conditioner to wage war against bacterials, whist Dr. Edward Howell, father of enzymes nutrition and therapy, had stated that enzymes were the very substance that made life possible.

However, proponents and advocates of enzymes therapy regard enzymes bankruptcy as a lethal health catastrophe, causing countless bodies to shut down prematurely.

Bodies of research have identified more than 3,000 types of enzymes in the human body. As catalysts, enzymes are known to initiate, speed up , slow down, alter or halt about 4,000 kinds of biochemical reactions.

While conventional methods merely inactivate or destroy external cell walls, whilst the new chemical sterilizer enhances the sterilizing function, the company said.

The company also noted that the  air_conditioners filters by eliminating dust and molds, ordinary odors, fumes, allergens, food smells, and cigar smoke  in a process that occurs when air passes through each filter of the air_conditioner.

The function of the product can be well utilised in  times of melting heat. A period when children and adults alike could develop small pox, chicken pox, measles, heat rash etc. The product comes helpful in situations like this, the management of the company informed.

Other ranges:
However, there are other ranges of LG air_ conditioners with the neo plasma function of a single split wall mounted types, which include Art cool gallery, the Art cool panel, Art cool mirror and the Art cool floor standing air-conditioners.


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