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Sharks did not believe in me, Ikhana

By Kate Obod
Former Sharks coach Kadiri Ikhana said his  intention with  Sharks FC was to build a solid team for the league but his employers did  not allow him achieve that dream. The  reason, he said, is that they did not believe in him.

“I left because they did not want me there again. They did not believe in me. I asked them why and they told me  that I was not doing well. They said I did not win any trophy for them and the only way was to leave the club. And going by that, since they did not want me, I had to leave. But that can not stop me from getting another job,” he said.

When asked  his assessment of the Nigeria Premier League, Ikhana said the league is still below average. He stressed that players and coaches are still being maltreated by management of the clubs and pointed out that the referees are also being treated like nobodies. “There is so much ill-treatment in the league. Players and coaches are not paid regularly, referees don’t get their indemnities, players welfare is in the gutters and  so many other things are not the way they should be”.

“The standard of the league is falling. Officiating is still poor owing to failure to pay indemnities and the referees are complaining. The players too are complaining. Promises to improve their welfare are not kept and clubs still owe match bonuses.

“It is so disheartening especially, after working so hard and you get no pay and they still expect good result from such person. I mean it is very bad when you work and  don’t get paid.  This is  what our league management should look into and put into consideration. The league may be getting  hotter  but it would have been better if every thing is put in place.“ It is not only the Nigeria Football Federation that needs a change, the league too needs a total change”, he said.


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