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Religious violence, anti-Islam — Cleric

By AbdulSalam Muhammad

KANO —  A renowned Islamic scholar, Sheik Bashir Lawal, weekend, declared that inter-faith crisis had no root in Islam, as he dismissed Libyan strongman, Muarmar Gadaffi’s calls for the break up of the country as founded on ignorance.

Lawal told a gathering of Islamic scholars during the launching of Muassasar Rasulu A’azam in Kano that “violence will not elevate one religion against the other.”

Quoting from Quran, the Islamic cleric reminded his audience that “human race is but one community,” adding that it is the divine wish that brothers are divided along Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Lawal said there had never been a violence against the Christians or the Jews during the life time of the Prophet of Islam, adding the current trend where “people of the book” take up arms against each other is signs of end of time.

He said the Prophet of Islam lived in a heterogeneous society and did his best to protect the people of the Book, and the Pagan, pointing out that it’s a pointer for us to live peacefully with “our brothers.”

Lawal described Muamar Gadafi’s recent calls for the break up of the country as “founded on ignorance,” stressing that amalgamation of both north and south were not effect on religious beliefs.

The outspoken cleric with deep links with Iran advocated dialogue among adherents of religious beliefs, adding: “It is only when we understand each other that we can appreciate our differences.

‘Gadafi’s calls is not only laughable and reckless, but the whole message is founded on ignorance of Nigerian situation, for it’s not practically possible to split the country along religious belief.”


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