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Jonathan shouldn’t aspire to be President – Lawan Farouk

By Chioma GABRIEL, Deputy Editor
Farouk Lawan made waves in the days of Patricia Ette’s trial over misappropriation of funds meant for rehabilitating the Speaker’s resident. He was the leader of the then highly regarded Integrity Group. But that was then. Over the years, the group has been drown in the wave of political inconsistencies but Farouk Lawan is still a very vocal voice in the House of Representatives.

What’s going on in the House? What’s the fight about?

First of all, I want to say Dora Akunyili  should shut up. She’s unnecessarily making statements that are inflammatory and heating the system.

Her role is to speak in a manner that will hold the peace of the nation , not in the manner, she spoke recently on the President’s health. It’s blatantly cheap to put the blame of what Nigeria is going through on a faceless group. Let her name the members of the cabal she talked about in her interview.

Farouk Lawan: Jonathan is on course

We all should be  supporting  the Acting President to steer the ship of this nation. Our concern should be peace, stability and good governance. We have an Acting President who is received both by  Nigerians and the international community and therefore, he  should be left alone to concentrate on the task ahead.

Let him sit down and face the task ahead. If he faces  impediments, he has the National Assembly to remove the impediment. He has our support and can report problems he encounters to us.

We need a Vice President

No. No more Vice President. Ag. President is the Vice President. There is a President who we know is sick but the National Assembly through a resolution has given the Vice President an Ag. capacity.  Jonathan cannot become the substantive President when we already have a President that is still alive. There is a Constitutional Provision to becoming the substantive President.

President Yar Adua is back and he issued a statement on his return and he said that Jonathan can continue to act and nobody is contesting that. Yar Adua is recovering and when he recovers, he will take over.

Nobody has asked Jonathan to stop acting . President is on medical vacation and should be allowed to be in peace.

If he is back, why can’t we see him. Why was he smuggled in the way he was?

Right from day one, information is not managed properly. All the powers has been transferred to the Vice President and who do you blame if information is not properly managed? If a man is ill and is not in a position to see anybody, who do you blame? The doctor issues a directive on a patient and those taking care of him comply.

A lot of looting is going on and nobody is being held responsible for anything?

They are stealing?  How do you know? There is no evidence. If you say because of the circumstances , looting is going on, is it the fist time the Nigerian treasury is being looted ? If the treasury is being looted, we should blame the Acting President.

I don’t think the acting President is fully equipped to work. The army for instance disregards him. There is provision for President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces but no provision for acting President and Commander -in-Chief?

The acting President has taken control and he has full powers and constitutional backing. Governance is on course. The acting President is not complaining, why are people making statements to heat up the polity?

Are you still of the integrity group?

I am and I am saying that there is no integrity in what Akunyili is doing. She is a cheap opportunist. She is heating up the polity. She has no decorum. Nigeria is facing  a lot of challenges and we should tackle  that.

We should not leave these challenges and be talking about Yar’Adua who is already down and recuperating and Akunyili should just shut up because she is a cheap opportunist and her statements are capable of heating up the polity.


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