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Nwankwo chides Yar’Adua’s loyalists

By Tony Edike

ENUGU—THE leader of   the People’ Mandate Party, PMP, Dr Arthur Nwankwo said yesterday,  that the failure of the of the pro-Yar’Adua cabal to disclose the true state of the president’s health had confirmed the rot in the nation’s political system.

He called for the immediate swearing in of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as President to enable him complete the remaining part of the present administration, saying that Nigerians would resist the move to cause more confusion in the land by retaining the ailing president in power.

Nwankwo who spoke in Enugu, described the development as extremely comical and a political gimmick by a narrow minded few that do not want Dr Jonathan as Acting  President, noting that the ploy was basically aimed at unsettling the country to pave way for further looting of the national wealth.

According to him, the over 90 days of the president’s absence from the country left a power vacuum and ushered in a reign of power profiteering by the so -called kitchen cabinet, a game, which he said, they wanted to continue because of their selfishness.

“Patriotic Nigerians should not give them that space for this is a country that we have fought for, died for, been imprisoned for and exiled for. We cannot allow them to succeed because Nigeria is our common heritage and not for the so-called kitchen cabinet from Katsina. We are aware that in the President’s absence, different institutions and officials of government took autonomous decisions because no one could sanction them,” the PMP leader said.

He added that the unannounced return of Yar’Adua was driven by greed and mindless political power calculations by those who plotted and executed his emergency return.


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