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Mission of the Catholic Church is to protect sanctity of life, says REVD. ANIBUIKE

Recently, the Knight of the Order of St Molumba staged a rally on Pro- Life in Lagos. Chioma Obinna spoke to Rev. Father George Anibuike is the Chaplain of St Augustine College of Education, Akoka Yaba shortly after the rally. He explains why the Catholic Church is against abortion and why it must be considered as a murder.

Catholic and Abortion

The Catholic Church all over the world has special mission and that mission is to protect human life and to add value to human life. In the Gospel of John chapter 10: 10; where Jesus said ‘I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance’.

That life, that He has come to give, starts from the womb and that life He has come to give also starts from the womb and that is why He healed so many while on earth. That is an indication that Jesus believes in life and that is one of the main reason why the church cannot but have to be in the forefront preaching the sacredness of human life. From the moment of conception life begins. Then, then it has to be given a chance to live.

Why going for the abortion, if you know that the process by which you want to do something can take your life? If going for unsafe abortion can take the life of a woman what about the life of the baby? The baby too has to be protected. So if the woman is after her safety, the safety of the life of the baby should be put into consideration. If the two of them are put into consideration, you will discover that the woman will not go for abortion after all. The Church sees abortion as murder.

High risk pregnancy

We agree that there are situations like that. In such situations, it is not intentional that the unborn baby should go. But where the intention is like ‘I want to get rid of this baby so that I can begin to live a normal life’. In this case, the threat to your life is not something special.

But if there is a medically proven threat that if the baby is not allowed to go the mother may go, the church will now advocate for a lesser evil. First, the Church will say, try as much as possible to protect the two lives but if one must go choose the lesser evil, which is the baby. In this case it is not intentional. The intention behind this is to save life instead. Since the mother is more valuable to human life, she will be considered

Legalisation of Abortion

Anything that negates the law of God can never be made right no matter the circumstance. Anything that goes against the law of God and it is written in the 10 Commandments that ‘Thou shall not kill’ and if any one does kill, he will answer for it and hell fire belongs to him or her. The world should be concentrating more on speaking to the minds of the young on the need to abstain from what can cause or create unwanted pregnancy.

Use of Contraceptive

Catholics believe in speaking to the consciousness of the human person what can make them to go into a situation of abortion. contraception is against nature. Naturally God has given women safe has periods too. In that aspect, you discover that God has put everything in order.

There are safety moments in a woman’s circle. But by the time contraception is encouraged man will become like a dog. You know in dogs, there is no control. If contraception is encouraged, it becomes like an animal.


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