By Prince Osuagwu

Femi Kusa — The Nation
He was the first Managing Director of Guardian when we worked together. A very amiable and open person and I think that was one of the problems he had as a manager. He was very open and very friendly that every body had access to him. I got to know he suffered from stroke sometime ago. Today the news that he died is quite shocking to me as it can be for anybody because I thought by now he would have overcome the stroke. We’ll greatly miss him

Haroun Adamu
I am very shocked. We knew each other way back in the United States of America as students and also back here in Nigeria again. This is a man who has brought in the journalism profession, great intellect and finesse that almost what every body is doing today in terms of editorial has a link to his ideas in Daily Times and other places he has worked. He was the first MD of the Guardian newspapers and brought the kind of intellect that sees Guardian respected even till today.  We will all miss him.

Patrick Dele Cole
It’s terrible. We have lost a gem. I’ve never met anybody with his kind of brain. Without him, I don’t think we would have raised the kind of Editorial content which he brought about in Daily Times. Though I was the Managing Director, Stanley was the man behind the success. He also took that intelligence to Guardian, infact without Stanley, there was no Guardian at that time.

Chief Onyema Ugochukwu
He was one of the greatest thinkers and writers to come from this part of the world. He brought style and quality to the press. His return as editorial adviser of the Daily Times, he wrote a very great column on Sunday. He will be remembered greatly as a newspaper builder. He was the first Guardian MD, a remarkable leader, he established Post Express Newspapers, he lived in Kaduna for a while and established a newspaper for the Late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua.  We will greatly miss him.

Frank Aigbogun
Macebuh was a caring man who  in a unique manner affected journalism in a very positive manner. He particularly took interest in the young journalist (and l am happy to be one of them) he had helped to bring together when he was launching The Guardian when he was the managing director. You could rightly call him one of the fathers of modern day journalism in Nigeria. He will be sorely missed.

Dr Eddie Iroh
Reacting to his death yesterday in Abuja, the former Director General, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and the pioneer Editor, Sunday Guardian, Dr Eddie Iroh described Macebuh’s death as  a tragedy and a loss to his family members, his friends and a greater loss to Nigeria.

He noted that Macebuh is the kind of mind that Nigeria need to come out of the wood and myriads of problems we have. “ this is the kind of mind that Nigeria should look for and harness themand hit the 21st century high road. The Stanley Macebu’s of Nigeria shoulb be brought together irrespective of the tribes, religious affiliations or party so that our country can move”.

According to him, Macebuh is a man of complex ability, intellect, humanity, compassion, psychology, sense of humour, sense of fairness and justice, he is a liberal intellectual. “ His is humble and humane. I cannot imagine a problem that you pose to Dr Macebuh and he will not have a valid answer derived from intellectual analysis, detailed appraisal and conclusion. Dr Macebuh is deeply knowledgeable on nearly every subject, there are not many Stanley Macebuh’s”

The Nigerian Guild of Editors
The Nigerian Guild of Editors has received the news of the death of Dr. Stanley Macebuh with grief.
A statement by President Nigeria Guild of Editors, Mr Gbenga Adefeye said “ Macebuh, a man of style and panache was remarkable not just for his pioneering roles in the establishment of a good newspaper like The Guardian and others like the defunct Post Express which first hit the Internet in Nigeria and The Sentinel in Kaduna, he was noted for talent head hunt for quality journalism in Nigeria.

“Years after he had left the business of journalism for think tank job for government, his imprint on quality press remains indelible. His cult-like following for journalism of essence continue to influence professional thoughts and processes in Nigeria. His death has further shrunk the club of leaders with carriage and dignity in our environment. May his soul rest in peace.”

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