March 4, 2010

Lagerback’s not charismatic but…., Swedish journalist

By Fidelis Ebu, Abuja
Newly unveiled Eagles’ Technical Adviser, Lars Lagerback, has been described as ‘a strict disciplinarian and an organised coach who is  ‘not charismatic’.

Eagle Coach

Johan Orrenius, a Swede journalist, who covered the official unveiling of his kinsman at the media centre, Abuja National Stadium, said his disciplinary and organised attitude could be the factors that would help him excel in the Eagles’ job.

“I’m still wondering  what attracted Nigeria to go for Lars Lagerback. To me, the only things that could work for him are his organisational and disciplinary attitude.“As a matter of fact, Lagerback is organised and disciplined, but he is not charismatic”, the Swede journalist said.

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